Jayraj Salgaonkar’s review for Apek Mulay ‘s Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival

The founder of Kalnirnay and a well known economist and an author based in Mumbai, India recently provided a review for my first volume ‘MASS CAPITALISM: A BLUEPRINT FOR ECONOMIC REVIVAL‘. […]


Change of Guard Ceremony for RBI

Urjit Patel, Deputy governor of RBI has taken over as the new governor of RBI. Now, It is expected that he will continue Raghuram Rajan’s policies. However, Markets are already […]


What technology sector leaders failed to address with regards to Donald Trump’s candidacy for president

In a recent open letter by a few Tech sector leaders opposing Donald Trump’s candidacy for president, I found several shortcomings in the argument made by the technology sector executives. […]


Can RBI help India in its war on terror cells in Pakistan?

Very recently, India finally conducted some surgical strikes on terror cells in Pakistan. This was a historic event in the history of India as India has never been an aggressor […]


India’s hidden Inflation…rising denomination of currency!!!

This is not a confirmation of any news but I received it as a message on Whatsapp about introduction of new currency by RBI. After giving some thought to it, […]


Nearly 800 Dead Or Dying Startups in India. Is “MAKE IN INDIA” becoming a Flop Show ?

Recently, Target Inc. offered a belated Birthday gift to Welspun Group Chairman Balkrishan Goenka on his 50th Birthday. While Mr. Goenka had lavish birthday celebrations on 12th August at the five-star St. […]

With my two books

How I authored 3 volumes in 3 Consecutive years before I turned 36?

My journey in becoming a prolific writer has been accompanied by strong will-power, deep commitment, inborn desire to excel in life and a passion to be stand out in a […]


Modi government policies are creating more Black money in India than what it can collect from Abroad

While the Modi government has won its elections making promises to bring back black money of Indians stashed abroad, the policies of this government is in fact creating more black […]


Will China invade India in near future?

Recently, the Prime Minister of India made a speech in front US Congress where he clearly took on Pakistan and China. India has received a support from US for its […]


Political Economy Impacts Future of U.S. Semi Industry

This has been originally published on EBN The presidential elections in the U.S. are in full swing and many businesses and business owners are concerned with how the political atmosphere […]


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