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Book Review – Think and Grow Rich – Author: Napoleon Hill

This is a fantastic book that I have ever read in my entire lifetime. Its purpose is to present to all who want the knowledge of the most dependable philosophy […]


The Next INDO-CHINA War …. and India’s longest river bridge

After a humiliating defeat in 1962 War, India should have learnt a very important lesson which is to not trust its Communist neighbour. Watching at the recent confrontation of troops […]


Interview with Dr. Ravi Batra by Apek Mulay “Career Politicians and Fury in America”

It was my pleasure to interview superstar economist and a legendary author of 6 International best sellers, Professor Ravi Batra from Southern Methodist University, Dallas on 18th March 2016. The Interview […]


Can an economic system make it feasible to have a happy blending of rationality and spirituality?

The physical pabulum is limited, so the mind continually runs from one thing to another. This process goes on in a never ending order. There is an only realm where […]


‘The Law of Social Cycle’ post collapse of Crony Capitalism?

As I have explored more about the ‘The Law of Social Cycle’ by reading literature by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, I have started appreciating the intellectual abilities of this Indian […]


Which power is the Strongest – INTELLECTUAL, WARRIOR or FINANCIAL? Is there anything stronger than all three?

This Universe is a creation of somebody, whether or not there exists a creator is not a topic of debate as there is a harmony in the motion of Planets, […]


In the quest of a Sadvipra?

Introduction In year 2008, I was introduced to the law of Social Cycle. As universal is the law so is the ability to make macroeconomic forecasts based on this law. […]


Most memorable birthday of my Life so far….

Although I often cherish the memories of my childhood when I look at the photo of my first birthday where I was crying as I cut the cake, I would […]


“The one who gives you work also provides the means to finish that work”

Dr. Ravi Batra first met Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji on August 16, 1964 in a town called Lucknow, U.P. He entered Shri Shri Anandamurtiji’s room around 6 pm with a mind […]


Becoming a permanent resident of United States of America

I arrived at Mumbai Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) airport on 10 August 2004 night around 9 PM. I remember that I had five kilograms of excess luggage as it was […]


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