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Mass Capitalism’s Author forecasts a depression in 2019 at The Press Club, Mumbai

On 21st February 2019, I released my book “Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival” in Marathi language. The event was held at The Press Club, Mumbai. The event last […]


Impacts of Trumponomics and New Tariffs on the future of Technological Sector

Very recently, I published a blog on Trump’s Tax Overhaul and its impacts on the future of broader US Economy and especially on the Technological sector. As mentioned in my […]


Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s take on 2019 Modi re-election prospects…what he got wrong?

On his recent visit to Dallas, BJP MP Dr. Subramanian Swamy, commented on the state of Indian economy. He agreed that economy is doing bad and it needs boost. He proposed […]


What Trumponomics has to learn from the FAILURE of Modinomics?

I had supported the candidacy of Trump in 2016 elections as he had proposed lot of good ideas back then and one being to break up monopolies in American economy. […]


The Next INDO-CHINA War …. and India’s longest river bridge

After a humiliating defeat in 1962 War, India should have learnt a very important lesson which is to not trust its Communist neighbour. Watching at the recent confrontation of troops […]


INDIA eagerly awaits for its “TRUMP” moment !!!

I have some interesting similarities to share about how President Trump got elected in US bringing about a Political Revolution against the career politicians in the US and what I […]


No use blaming Trump, India’s IT sector should instead understand common sense Macroeconomics

Indian economy is getting prepared for the eventual realities of Trumponomics. While I sympathize with the 56,000 Indian employees who are about to get laid off by top 7 IT […]


Mr. Zukerberg’s speech at Harvard. Right problems but what about solutions???

I would like to congratulate the Class of 2017…not just in Harvard but in every University across North America. The lucky ones who have found employment and the unlucky ones […]


APPLE should be a Case Study for Trump Administration whether or NOT give huge tax cuts to wealthy corporations!!!

The US economy is in a critical state ( Mark Faber rightly calls it “TERMINALLY ILL”) and President Trump has to deliver on his promises to Americans. One of Trump’s […]


Deutsche Bank’s impending collapse has been accelerated due to ECB monetary policies letting interest rates go to a Negative Interest rate territory

The end of financial Capitalism is very near. Please watch below video to understand the serious trouble with Deutsche Bank. Well, German Chancellor Angela Merkel gets the blame but does […]


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