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Secrets of Question Based Selling by Thomas A. Freese

PART I – A SHORT COURSE ON QBS STRATEGY Introduction Sales organizations invest in training salespeople how to position the value of their product or service, but they just assume […]


Arthakranti v/s Mass Capitalism …Which one is a better proposal for revival of financial sector of economy

As a Preface, This is not a blog meant to criticize the Pune, India based think tank “Arthakranti Pratisthan“. But, Since we are living in interesting times of global economic […]


Interview with Dr. Ravi Batra by Apek Mulay “Career Politicians and Fury in America”

It was my pleasure to interview superstar economist and a legendary author of 6 International best sellers, Professor Ravi Batra from Southern Methodist University, Dallas on 18th March 2016. The Interview […]


More than Moore & Beyond Moore: Roadmap for Progress of the Semiconductor Industry

As semiconductor industry continues on its path to improve its productivity and profitability, the industry faces roadblocks due to huge capital investments with poor RoI. For past few decades ITRS […]


Saving your Retirement Assets with a crisis on horizon

I had forecasted back in 2014 about ongoing global financial crisis by end of 2015 and things are shaping up in global economy exactly as I had forecasted. I have researched […]


Federal Reserve Help Needed to Help OEMs Reduce U.S. Trade Deficits

This has been originally published on EBN According to a preliminary estimate of the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) grew at a mere 0.2% annual rate […]

Negative Interest Rates of Banks – Part 2

Today, I read an interesting article “The cash crisis begins as Chase to start charging 1% fee on bank deposits starting May 1“, where Chase bank is now going to ask […]


Macroeconomic Cycles & Business Models – Part I

This has been originally published on EBN Macroeconomics plays a critical role in operation of any business as prevailing economic conditions affect individual businesses as well. Entrepreneurs and others business […]


Can “Make in India” become sustainable for Indian Semiconductor manufacturing sector with coming macroeconomic changes in 2015?

This is originally published on publications The semiconductor manufacturing is most capital intensive business and it is very important to make these investments sustainable in short term in order […]


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