Mr. Zukerberg’s speech at Harvard. Right problems but what about solutions???

I would like to congratulate the Class of 2017…not just in Harvard but in every University across North America. The lucky ones who have found employment and the unlucky ones […]


What is to be done about your Retirement savings if there is a stock market crash or job loss?

During the last financial crisis ( 2008 ), I lost nearly $15,000 from my 401k account. Well, Bailouts helped stock market to recover from its lows of March 2009 to […]


Book Review – FINANCIAL INCLUSION : Give People a Job not a Loan

The Author ( Dr. Ascanio Graziosi) has developed his idea taking from the recommendations and suggestions issued by the international financial establishment (G-20, 2015-Post Evaluation Analysis, Rio+20 UN 2030 Agenda […]


APPLE should be a Case Study for Trump Administration whether or NOT give huge tax cuts to wealthy corporations!!!

The US economy is in a critical state ( Mark Faber rightly calls it “TERMINALLY ILL”) and President Trump has to deliver on his promises to Americans. One of Trump’s […]


Deutsche Bank’s impending collapse has been accelerated due to ECB monetary policies letting interest rates go to a Negative Interest rate territory

The end of financial Capitalism is very near. Please watch below video to understand the serious trouble with Deutsche Bank. Well, German Chancellor Angela Merkel gets the blame but does […]


Trumponomics is heading on path of Obamanomics

I write this even though I supported Trump during election campaign with a hope that perhaps his elections would result in a change in monetary policy of the US Central […]


Happy World Book day 2017

Today, 23rd April is celebrated a world book day. As an author, I want to take this opportunity to write something about the importance of literature. 23rd April is selected […]


Will Indian Government now take my ideas seriously?

I was compelled to write this article after reading an article on LinkedIn about India’s Real estate mess entitled “Are lower interest rates enough to revive India’s realty demand?” After […]


Universal Basic Income Actually Threatens Tech, Mr. Musk

This has been originally published on EBN. Please click here to read the original article. This morning, I read an article on CNBC where the CEO of Tesla and notable […]


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