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1. Satinder Singh Paul, Internationally Experienced Strategist in Semiconductor Technology domain & VLSI/SoC/ASIC/IC (Chip) Design Specialist

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As a foreword :- Based on many years of experience in the trenches of Semiconductors, Apek created a readable book covering the ins and outs and made a strong connection between Moore’s law and macroeconomic policy. Author is able to point out very clearly that without proper economic policies the future validity of this law is at best ambiguous.

This book gave me the map I was looking for so I could look ahead and navigate the ergonomics of IoT market to find the new jobs and IoT initiatives before they are announced – there are so many great points and combined research that it led me to look in places I would never have thought of without a guide!

So much of our business is learned from hit-or-miss experience–it’s nice to see a comprehensive look at all the factors to be considered when drafting an economics of IOT in relation to Semiconductor market. Particularly when the standard sales process is so counterproductive. You can’t use manipulative techniques that are effective for selling dog food or soft drinks to the general public.

Apek touches on the huge number of factors and the social networking aspects of our trade. As he puts it:

‘Sustaining Moore’s Law: Uncertainty Leading to a Certainty of IoT Revolution’ provides an excellent overview of the rapidly changing strategic environment in the semiconductor industry, and some sense of where things are headed. This book has a perspective on IoT that I hadn’t seen before. Very creative use of combining technology and economics. It uses a lot of analogies that made it easy to understand then build on them in a practical manner then further applying to a complex system. I bought it on a whim but it opened my eyes to some real business potential. I recommend it to anyone who is keen on semiconductor and IoT convergance.

Now we will see how the IoT will be evolving in the next ten years. Let see what the reaction will be from the consumer after the first cyber security attack.

Having realized and recognized the strategic significance of the brewing IoT idea across the industry verticals, a host of investors, innovators, institutions and even individuals across the globe are embarking on the IoT journey with all clarity and confidence.

This book brings together timely, mind provoking, and comprehensive materials to give you a better understanding of the IoT/M2M technological and business landscape on top of current semiconductor ecosystem… . I also believe this book, which I highly recommend, is the first on the market that covers almost all of the related subjects.

As the title of this review says…this is an admirable effort. Well done, Apek

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