2013 Year at a Glance


  1. On 1st January 2013 at midnight, I was in Anandanagar. I was blessed with Varbhaya Mudra from the Video of Shri Shri Anandamurtiji. I did not know this blessing through his Ota Yoga and Prota Yoga was a harbinger of a great year 2013 for my professional and spiritual life.
  2. After 1st January 2013 at Anandanagar, I boarded my train back to Ranchi. I thank Dr. Karuna Didi for packing lunch for me and instructing her driver to take me for a visit to Amjhariya on 2nd January 2013. I was glad to do some meditation at Amjhariya and thanks to sister Priya whom I met in Anandanagar for letting me know about Amjhariya. It fit well in my travel itinerary.
  3. On 16 January 2013, my second nephew Aarin was born.
  4. On 19 February 2013, I opted for unpaid leave to visit India in March 2013 for several reasons ¢‚¬œ To avoid getting laid off from my job in Dallas because of slowdown in business, Visit my newly born nephew in UK, Take advantage of visa waiver program of government of Ireland for visitors with UK visa, Attend Holi festival in India after 2004 (9 years) and attend Dharma Maha Sammelan‚  (DMS) in Jamalpur. I also was glad that Ravi Batra included my first article “A Failure Anaysis of the US Economy” in his last published paper for 2013 in recognized publication like the Review of International Economics.
  5. In March 2013 my first article in PROUT Globe was reprinted in Truth-out.org and made me a famous for my Macro-economic analysis of US economy in reference to its semiconductor Industry. This article also made it to top Google rankings in search for ¢‚¬Å“US Economy Failure¢‚¬.
  6. On 7th April 2013, my first Patent filed with Texas Instruments Inc became a Public document.
  7. On 20th April 2013, I treated my mentor Professor Ravi Batra for a lunch before Leaving Dallas for good. I had decided to move to Canada then. This was the moment that Ravi gave me some really important advise that made me look to him more as my mentor.
  8. In May 2013, My first article got published as guest column in International Journal EDFA (Electronic Devices Failure Analysis).
  9. On 6th May 2013, I interviewed with Evan¢‚¬„¢s Analytical Group (EAG) in California for position as Sr. Failure Analyst and I was hired on spot
  10. By the last week of May 2013, I packed my goods to move from Dallas to California. It was really sad as I was well settled in Dallas for last 5 years and it was time to make that move. I also paid my Desi Lawyer in Dallas to take a chance with EB1 green card petition for US Permanent residency. It was my last try else I had decided to leave US for good and move to Canada.
  11. In May 2013 before leaving Dallas, I also had my website launched.
  12. Last week of May 2013, I visited Ananda Kannan and I got all my remaining spiritual lessons by HIS grace before relocating to California.
  13. On 10th June 2013, I started my new job in California and by then had just published 2 articles in internationally recognized media. I am also glad to have come to know a fantastic spiritual group in Southern California and a very generous and nice spiritualist from Philippines ¢‚¬œ Manuel Yerro (Phanindra)
  14. Within a week of my starting new job, I received a Request for Evidence (RFE) from USCIS of Kazarian standard. This Kazarian RFE is the toughest RFE ever for USCIS and the chances of getting through with this RFE are very rare and my case became a tougher case for my lawyer. Firstly, she had to India and she could not give more time. Besides I just had Master of Science degree and not PhD for whom the EB1 Green cards are meant for.
  15. On 2nd August close to midnight on my birthday eve, I met with an accident. It was a blessing in disguise and I experienced a hit and run by a driver on my birthday eve. The miracle that happened was I was able to track him down because his license plate got stuck in my car¢‚¬„¢s gas pump and this was news which made not just LVPD (Las Vegas Police Department) laugh but even my friends and Insurance Company.
  16. I had until end of August 2013 to respond to RFE. From June 2013 to August 2013, I started approaching several recognized publications to get my work published. Although I was turned down by many, electronics.ca research network like my progressive ideas. By end of August 2013 I had already published 9 articles (co-authoring some with Professor Dhanjoo Ghista) in International publications and I had become a regular contributor to EBN, Semiwiki, truth-out.org, PROUT Globe, PROUT Journal, Military & Aerospace electronics magazine and electronics.ca publications.
  17. Within two weeks of my RFE reply, on 16 September 2013 ¢‚¬œ USCIS honored me by approving my US permanent residency petition in EB1 category. It was a great moment of joy as my lawyer herself was not sure because of USCIS Kazarian RFE standards.
  18. As of today I have authored for a total of 16 articles (2 waiting to be published) in International Journals.
  19. I became one of Thinkers of PROUT joining the list with Professor Ravi Batra and Dr. Susmit Kumar.
  20. I helped so poor kids in Philippines have the joy of having gifts for this Christmas. I look forward to help more in my capacity to do good for the world.
  21. As of today, within 8 months of launch of my website, I have close to 360,000 visitors to my website with 400% increase in the number of visitors to my blog. Additionally, I have become recognized as an industry expert in Supply Chain and Macro-economics. I also came up with idea of authoring a book ¢‚¬Å“Macro-economics of Micro-electronics industry¢‚¬ covering a range of topics from Failure Analysis, Macro-economics, Micro-economics, Supply Chain, Business Model, Counterfeit electronics, Political Analysis, Reforming Democracy, Monetary Policy Analysis to Revamping the entire US Financial Industry.
  22. I am also attending the winter retreat in Southern California which is being organized here after almost 35 years to welcome 2014. In 2014, I would work on my new book and try to make it useful book for all Americans although keeping its focus to be used as a text book for Semiconductor Industry professionals. I also traded my old car for Audi A4 and I am enjoying driving my slick new car.


Thank You 2013!!! I do not know if there has been any year better for me than you. Who says 13 is unlucky number¢‚¬¦for me it has turned out to be the most lucky number. The year is not yet over and I am sure there could be last minute surprises for me 🙂




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