A few things that you get to learn from M.S.Dhoni : The Untold Story

Just to give a brief introduction about M.S.Dhoni, He is a celebrated captain of Indian Cricket team. I remember watching the the ICC WorldCup 2011 played in my favorite Indian City MUMBAI. In 2011, I was working at Texas Instruments Inc. in Dallas and hence I enjoyed watching the WorldCup finals at FunAsia movie theatres in one of my favorite cities in U.S.- Dallas,TX.

I believe this movie is inspiring journey of M.S. Dhoni to become a captain of the Indian cricket team and win the world cup for his country after 1983. Here are a few things I learnt from this movie.

1. Do Not Waste your time in some job that you really do not enjoy.

2. Have the courage to quit your job and chase your dreams. Make your dreams your passion.

3.When you rise high in your career, do not forget those people because of whom you have risen high today as you would not have made it big without them.

4. Always remain grounded even after rising high in your career.

5. The best life partner is the one that you find during your toughest times of your career to cheer you and support you during those tough times rather than the one you could find when you are at the heights of your career.

6. When you like someone, just say it before it is too late. Better said early than being too late.

7. Good results could be achieved by a visionary leader and when choosing a winning combination, age & experience should not be the ONLY decisive factors in making that choice of your team.

8. If you had any bad experiences from your previous relationships, always remember to give it a fresh start when you are into a new relationship. The more you remember your past, the more you ruin your present.

9. Nobody can thwart the path of a talented person too long. Just keep fighting against all odds. You are sure to be crowned with success.

10. Parents always think for your best and it is out of their love that they might prevent you from taking risks in life. However, The same parents will be willing to cry with tears of joy when you go against their wishes and become successful and they are proven wrong. Hence, Always respect them.

I hope the ones who watch this brilliant movie can comprehend the above things at  a right time as they watch the movie. Enjoy the movie.


Apekshit Mulay (Apek) is a Business and Technology Consultant at Mulay’s Consultancy Services. He is also a senior analyst and macroeconomist in US Semiconductor Industry. He has authored three volumes in three consecutive years viz. Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival (2014), Sustaining Moore’s Law: Uncertainty Leading to a Certainty of IoT Revolution (2015) and How the Information Revolution remade Business, and the Economy: A Roadmap for Progress of the Semiconductor Industry (2016). His technology based monograph is entitled ‘Improving Reliability of Tungsten Plug Via on an Integrated Circuit: Process Flow in BiCMOS and CMOS Technology with Failure Analysis, Design of Experiments, Statistical Analysis and Wafer Maps‘. He pursued undergraduate studies in Electronics Engineering (EE) at the University of Mumbai, India and has completed master’s degree in EE at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX. Mulay authored a patent ‘Surface Imaging with Materials Identified by Colors’ during his employment in Advanced CMOS technology development team at Texas Instruments Inc. He chairs technical sessions at International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (ISTFA). USCIS has approved his US permanent residency under the category of foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities in science and technologies even though he did not pursue a PhD degree in engineering or economics. He has been cited as an ‘Engineer-cum-Economist’ by superstar economist Professor Ravi Batra in his 2015 Volume ‘End Unemployment Now: How to Eliminate Poverty, Debt and Joblessness despite Congress’. He has appeared on National Radio shows, made Cover Story for Industry magazines, authored articles for newspapers as well as several reputed blogs & industry publications. He has also been invited on Television shows (because of his accurate macroeconomic forecasts) for his ideas about Mass Capitalism. He is also an entrepreneur in an e-commerce businesshttp://calcuttahandicraft.in/ which he started to envision his ideas about Mass Capitalism. His also has a very well visited personal blog www.ApekMulay.com

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