A mystical Spiritual Journey to Ananda Nagar in 2012. Trips in 2015 and 2016.

First Trip to Ananda Nagar in December 2012

On 18 February 2013, I woke up at 5 am ( with alarm ) just when I was dreaming and something within me was repeatedly bringing the thought about visiting Shri Shri Anandamurtiji’s birth place in Jamalpur,Bihar. After I woke up in morning for Panch Janya, all I could remember is the word “Jamalpur” from my last night’s dream. I said to myself, how can that be possible ? Have I not been to India just a couple of months ago ?Even though I had planned my trip to Jamalpur so well in advance for December 2012 , making air and train reservations in advance, I was not able to make it to‚ Jamalpur !!!Missing Jamalpur gave me the opportunity to see Ananda Nagar and all its Tantra Pithas very well during December 2012 Dharma Maha Sammelan (DMS). It was a great disappointment when my flight (from Mumbai to Patna via Delhi) just did not depart on time from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport due to an intense foggy weather in Patna. ‚ My fellow passenger (Vaishali Seta) having a tourism‚ development business in Bihar, said to me that this flight has to take off because Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, who was on board had a very important meeting to attend. Eventually, after a 5 hour long wait at Indira Gandhi Airport, our flight eventually did take off for Patna.

When our flight arrived over Patna, it hovered over the city for a while due to bad weather and the intense fog made it impossible for our flight to Land. Just for the convenience of VIP on board (Mr. Nitish Kumar) our flight had to be diverted to closest Airport which was Kolkata Airport. Now that the flight was diverted and we have a longer journey to Kolkata airport, Vaishali asked me if I would like to be introduced to Nitish Kumar. Well, I said why not? She said that I would introduce you as Ravi Batra’s friend. Thanks to Vaishali that I was not just introduced as an economist to Nitish Kumar but was able to talk to him too. Since Mr. Nitish Kumar was with his gang of IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officials, I also pitched that I am a friend of Susmit Kumar who came 48th all over India in IAS exams and after working for civil services pursued his PhD in US. I suggested Mr. Nitish Kumar to please tell finance minister of India to read books by Ravi Batra and Susmit Kumar (At that time Vaishali just hit me on side with her elbow ‘DIPLOMACY’ 🙂 ) to solved India’s economic problems.

It was late at 8 PM that my flight landed in Kolkata. While meeting face to face and talking with Chief Minister of Bihar (Nitish Kumar) was indeed a great experience, I was really disappointed of the fact that I was supposed to fly to Patna, from there visit‚ Jamalpur‚ and then move ahead with my visit to Anandnagar for‚ DMS. I was very sad that my planned trip did not work as per planned itinerary and I was of the opinion that I would never be able to come to this part of India anytime soon. I was very eager to see all spiritually vibrated places where my Guru meditated and started his mission which has today spread to 150 countries worldwide and still continues to attract people all over the world due to its practical approach to spirituality. What an unfortunate thing that my entire travel‚ itinerary‚ was badly screwed up due to weather problems. After landing in Kolkata, I repeated my Guru Mantra which I received when I took Diiksha (Initiation into spirituality) and tried to seek answers as to why this had to happen? I really did not think that I would visit Jamalpur anytime soon. But, sometimes we human beings cannot comprehend a cosmic play. The supreme creator is the greatest of all directors in this world and his dramas are much better directed with better suspense and thriller :). He directs the show of every human being and being a spiritual person means just playing our role in HIS directed play. Very soon one good thing that came out when I landed in Kolkata is that my entire air-fare was refunded by the‚ airlines‚ company due to bad weather :). This refunded money compensated for the costs of first class AC railway reservations which I had made for my trip to‚ Jamalpur‚ and there onwards to Anandnagar. But, Like any other human being I was not able to comprehend my BABA’s cosmic play.

As soon as I had received the refund for my flight from Mumbai to Kolkata, I received a call from Susmit Kumar’s brother Uday Kumar. I came to know from Udayji that his son Arunab and two of Arunab¢‚¬„¢s cousins were leaving for Ananda Nagar‚ DMS‚ from Howrah railway station. They‚ had‚ a confirmed train reservations in 2nd class AC. Well, Since I had no reservation I had to check about my chances of going with them with a regular passenger ticket. I thought of my Guru’s teachings,“The greater the obstacles that one faces on his/her spiritual path, just know one thing that You are progressing. I boarded a taxi from Kolkata Airport to Howrah and checked with Railway booking office if I could get a ticket by AC class to Bokaro Steel City and thereafter to Pundhag (Railway station closest to Ananda Nagar). I came to know that not only would I get any AC train ticket but chances of getting even a regular passenger train ticket seemed next to impossible because the train had been overbooked for the next day. I was truly frustrated by then because not only my Jamalpur trip was cancelled but also visiting Ananda Nagar also seems to be impossible at this stage. I tried my best trying to‚ convince‚ my‚ situation‚ to the ticket counter ( that I have taken a vacation from my job in America to visit this village in India ) and‚ station‚ master‚ but to no use. The station master requested me to come early next morning at 4 am to check if there were any cancellations by other passengers.

With a great sadness and in situation of helplessness, I decided to now find a hotel to spend one night near Howrah Railway station. I checked with 8 different lodges but there was no vacancy. Finally, After an hour’s search at around 11 PM, I found one lodge which had just one room remaining. There was a couple at the counter before me and they could not get that room because they had no proof of marriage. Something to remember in India that couples can live together in a lodge only with proof of marriage :). With my Guru’s grace I finally got a room to spend that night. Early next morning ‚ I woke up around 3 am I did some meditation and asked my Guru to help me in this situation and then left for the Howrah railway station after freshening up. To my bad luck the station Master said that there were no cancellations and I could only get a ticket for Pundhag at later date. The very next thing that happened with me was that I received a phone call from Arunab and he said to me that one of his cousins would not be able to make it to Howrah station because his train was delayed due to weather problems. ‚ I was able to take his place and just sleep all the while in 2nd AC during my trip. Thank You my loving BABA. As a spiritualist I believe that it was nobody my Guru who was directing this drama in my life by first testing my patience by closing all my doors and then opening his doors of opportunity. I remembered him saying in one of his quotes “At all times remember that you are never alone”.

My mystical journey did not stop here. After our train from Howrah arrived at Bokaro steel city, I had to board a passenger train to Pundhag and it was extremely crowded. I meet a Monk from Ananda Marga who had first class reservation to Pundhag while I had just a passenger ticket. I helped this monk load his big box of books onto the train and decided to join him on journey to Anandanagar. I did not have ticket for boarding first class and I would not have been able to make it in economy class compartment due to my luggage and heavy crowd [ and ofcourse had no experience with local trains of Mumbai for 8 years now 🙂 ]. I just kept my fingers crossed that the ticket collectors would not come and ask me for my ticket. Well, I was willing to also pay the fine as well, if needed. To my surprise as soon as I was thinking about this, I saw two ticket collectors boarding my compartment. When they came to me, the Monk beside me showed them his ticket and told them that I was with him. I made the act of taking out my ticket but somehow the ticket collectors just left without seeing my ticket. Again it is Guru’s grace. You can be lucky once or twice but not every time without the grace of a realized Guru. ‚ Although my ticket wasn’t checked by my Guru’s grace, I had violated one of his conduct rules (Yama and Niyama) by travelling in first class with a passenger ticket.‚  I also saw that the ticket collectors were accepting bribes and letting ticketless passenger travel if they got Rs. 50 cash.

I eventually made it to Anandnagar with‚ BABA’s‚ love‚ and his grace. I saw all Tantra Pithas in Anandnagar including Old Shiva Cave and Belamu Mountains where lord Shiva‚ himself‚ used to sit and meditate as per Shri Shri Anandmurtiji. It was totally blissful experience and I went into samadhi thrice at Ashti Pahad. As I my Guru took care of my mystical spiritual journey to Anandnagar, I donated all the remaining money I had for development of Anandnagar as my Guru had once said-

ashti pahar

Meditating at Asti Pahar (Dinosaur Fossils )

“We have come again to Ananda Nagar after a long time. Anandanagar is the nucleus of this universe. It is not merely the physical Ananda Nagar, it is also the Anandanagar of our inner heart. We will have to build it in all possible ways, we will have to take all steps for its rapid development so that it can show light to the entire universe.

Ananda Nagar Is the Beacon Light for the Universe

Shri Shri Anandmurtiji,

20 October 1979, Anandanagar

After bidding farewell to Ananda Nagar, a deep desire unfolded inside me to visit Jamalpur. Somehow, I convinced myself that just like my cosmic Guru made plans for extended stay in Ananda Nagar so that I was able to meditate at all Tantra Pithas, he surely would one day also arrange for my visit to his birth place in Jamalpur. “Guru Krupa Kevalam”. The grace of Guru is everything.

When I left Anandanagar and arrived at Ranchi to board my flight to Mumbai, I met Dr Karuna didi. Since, I had sufficient time to board my flight, She told me that her driver would take me to Amjhariya and there onwards drop me to Ranchi Airport. It was in Amjhariya that my Guru had given the Siddha Mantra “BABA NAM KEVALAM” to his disciples. I meditated at the exact place where this Mantra was given and then arrived at Ranchi Airport enroute to Mumbai. I came back to America and still Ananda Nagar has always been in my mind…the 30 days Akhand Kirtan “BABA NAM KEVALAM” and the blissful‚ experience‚ is‚ unforgettable. I remember that on midnight of 31st December 2012 and the start of 1st January 2013, I had made a wish to Shri Shri Anandamurtiji in his Varabhaya Mudra – “I want to establish Economic Democracy in this world. Use me the way you wish“.

My trip to Jamalpur planned with HIS grace

On 18 Feb 2013 when I woke up from dream of Jamalpur that very same day my boss spoke me about current downturn in business and‚ expected‚ layoffs‚ at our company. On Feb 19, I‚ asked‚ him to visit my diabetic father in India on FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act ).‚  Because of economic slowdown, I had not problems getting unpaid leave to visit India once again. This was shortest span of time when I had been to India. I visited my elder brother to see my new born nephew and also visited Ireland for a week to reach India. As I applied for premium processing of UK visa, I got the visa and it also gave me entry to Ireland. Before my trip back to US, I had opportunity to attend DMS in Jamalpur. ‚ I saw all the places mentioned by Devashish Acosta in his book “Jamalpur‚ Years” [which I had gifted to Ravi Batra in January 2013] and the‚ places‚ which Susmit Kumar recommended me to visit as he is from Jamalpur originally. I saw the tiger’s grave where my Guru had given Instructions to Subhash Chandra Bose about fighting the British in India’s struggle for Independence, my Guru’s birth place, his University, His school and also the railway department where he worked when he started his secret mission to bring change in this world.

tiger grave

Tiger Grave: When Subhash Chandra Bose and M N Roy met Shri Shri Anandmurtiji during Indian’s freedom struggle to seek guidance

After all these mystical experience, I have come to understand what Shri Shri Anandmurtiji had once said his Grace is everywhere but you should remove the umbrella of vanity on your head to get drenched with HIS grace.

I am not this physical body, this physical body is not me. If you want to know me, work for my mission because I have merged myself with my mission“. – Shri Shri Anandamurtiji of Anandanagar


Divine Love is All there is


Amjhariya near Ranchi where the Siddha Mantra “BABA NAM KEVALAM” was given on 8th October 1970 by Shri Shri Anandmurtiji

Planning your travel Itinerary for visiting Anandanagar, Jamalpur and Ranchi from Mumbai

1.Mumbai to Ranchi flight ‚ preferably in early morning flight.

2. Ranchi to Bokaro Steel City ‚ train#18603‚ ( train departs at 3 pm and get down at Pundhag)

3. Pundhag station to Ananda Nagar by taxi (one way) Rs. 100

4.‚ Passenger train ticket from Anandanagar to Bokaro at 3:15 pm

5.‚ Train#18603 from Bokaro to Jamalpur at 5:30 pm arriving in Jamalpur next day at 5:30 am

6. Train#18604 from Jamalpur to Ranchi at 6 pm arriving in Ranch next day at 5:30 am

7. Flight from Ranchi to Mumbai in morning

Second Trip to Ananda Nagar in July 2015

On my second trip to Ananda Nagar, I spent a good week to see all the wonderful places of Spiritual Significance because of which Shri Shri AnandaMurtiji considered it to be a place of great historic and spiritual significance. I had just finished my second book on Economic Democracy in 2015 entitled ‘Sustaining Moore’s Law’ after authoring my first book ‘ Mass Capitalism’ in 2014. Just after my departed from Mumbai’s Lokmanya Tilak Terminal, I came to know that Mumbai had a severe deluge of flood due to heavy monsoon. Fortunately, For me, I was out of Mumbai by then. On this trip, I visited some very important places and I shall mention them in the caption of below images.


Asthi Pahad – Dinosaur Fossils. Apparently, Shri Shri Anandamurtiji knew about it long before this land became a part of Anananagar. It has some dinosaur fossils and hence the real estate value of this once barren place is very high and Govt. of India should be aware of the presence of Dinosaur Fossils in this place.


Oldest Shiva Temple of Rarh. Anandanagar has one of the oldest Shiva temple belonging to Jainism era. I visited the temple and it still stands rock solid and has wonderful carvings on stone.



Nav Chakra Guha – The Cave of 9 Yogic Chakras. This cave has original drawing of prior to 7000 years before the advent of the first lord or lords Shiva on Earth. It shows that Yogis knew about the 9 yogic chakras long before due to intuitional knowledge.

The Nav Chakra Guha (Cave of 9 Yogic Chakras) is dated before the advent of Lord Shiva on Earth which is more than 7000 years before. One has to crawl into the cave with head lights to arrive at a wonderful gathering place underneath. The local people who have been inside say that it smells very bad to enter the cave but underneath it is wonderful and one can see the original carvings of the ancient yogis of India predating the birth of first Lord Shiva more than 7000 years ago. It shows that intuitional knowledge of Yoga and Meditation existed long ago in India.


The 9 Spiritual Chakras corresponding to various Glands and Sub-glands in Human Beings


Inscriptions inside the Nav Chakra Guha

If Ananda Nagar has to develop, then there should be an effort to construct a proper tunnel for people to travel into the Nav Chakra Guha. There exist hardly any such places on earth and hence if people can travel into the Nav Chakra Guha, it will flock tourists from all over the world. It might also attract scientists and paleontologists who will understand the significance of Ananda Nagar and what it has to offer for humanity. Many will also start decoding these inscriptions and thus will the knowledge of Yoga and its awareness spread.

The most important place that people do not know about Ananda Nagar is the place where two rivers of Ananda Nagar meet. In this place below, All three Tarak Brahma viz. Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Lord Anandamurti have passed through. Hence, It is of immense spiritual importance and is the Tantra Piith of All TANTRA PIITHAS.

The cave belonging of Maharshi Kapil, India's first Philosopher who put forth "Samkhya Philosophy". Maharshi Kapil also was born in Ananda Nagar.  The mountain where his cave exists is called Kapil Pahad.

The cave belonging of Maharshi Kapil, India’s first Philosopher who put forth “Samkhya Philosophy”. Maharshi Kapil also was born in Ananda Nagar. The mountain where his cave exists is called Kapil Pahad.

The Tantra Pitha where all three Mahasambhutis have been whenever they descended on Earth viz. Lord Shiva ( 7000 years ago ), Lord Krishna (3500 years ago ) and Lord Anandamurti ( 20th Century)












Third Trip to Ananda Nagar in September 2016 ( This trip did not happen despite long planning..so 2016 was not supposed to be the year…and had to undertake another monumental task of authoring NEW MACROECONOMICS…which I completed in early 2018 )

I had wished on 31st December 2012, “I was to establish Economic Democracy in this world. Use me the way you wish” and today I am glad that I have made good work towards that goal. I am very glad that I have made some unique contributions not only towards technological progress of humanity but also towards economic progress of humanity by authoring 3 books in 3 consecutive years. My third books is with a publications that goes with Harvard Business Review and would be heavily referenced by the economists from Harvard and Business schools across the world. My second book is part of IEEE Explore which is highly qualified publication in the TECH community. I am visiting Ananda Nagar with two goals, first I am going to have a quiet time in Shri Shri Anandamurtiji’s person room and do Guru Puja. The last time I was in his room, the same evening China’s state Capitalism collapsed.

It remains to be seen if this trip marks the beginning of sudden collapse of US Crony Capitalism!!! I am also going to meet the suppliers of the products for my e-c0mmerce business – The first ever business that has started in this world to envision the ideas of Mass Capitalism for small businesses. I am confident that we will grow and raise prosperity of several villagers through our e-commerce platform. If you believe in Economic Democracy and want the world to see how Economic Democracy can be solution to coming global collapse of Crony Capitalism, do support our e-commerce initiative Calcutta Handicraft

Calcutta logo

Do read my quotes below based on my books and do spread them, if you like them. As per Professor Ravi Batra who has authored 6 International Best sellers and cited me as an ‘Engineer-cum-Economist‘ in his 2015 volume ‘End Unemployment Now‘,  Apek Mulay‘s Mass Capitalism is A Wave of the Future. Only 5% of Batra’s forecasts have ever proven to be false…he has track record of 95% accuracy in his forecasts.

In the history of the world, you will see that against this type of spiritual aspirants who make spiritual progress with the grace of Parama Puruśa, all the degrading and degenerating forces will easily concede defeat. You too should keep moving forward, and you will also attain victory after victory – there is no doubt about it. Therefore continue your efforts tirelessly, do your duty and you will surely be crowned with success.

Ánanda Púrńimá 31 May 1987 DMC, Anandanagar

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