Book Cover & Google Analytics from 1 May 2013 to 1 May 2014

It has been a memorable one year journey for my personal Blog. ‚ I had started my blog with a sole purpose to educate the masses about common sense macroeconomics. However, This blog has given me recognition in US semiconductor industry. When I started my blog on 1 May 2013, little did I know that I would be making so many contributions in diverse fields of Macroeconomics, Supply chains, Socio-economics, geo-politics, Macrofinance and Business Models. However, I planned on providing valuable content for my readers to read and keep returning back to read more.

Today, If my blog is popular, I give all the credit to readers across the world with diverse interests in Economic Analysis, Political Analysis, Financial Analyis, Spirituality, etc.‚ who showed a great interest in my blogs.‚ I have shared with my readers some inspiring personal stories and many have been inspired with them. Their personal emails are heart warming. These small things give me the stamina to continue writing quality content on my blog to benefit the masses who read my blogs.

During this one year journey, I have also become an author of a book which would truly revolutionalize the economic thinking of industry professionals. I would like to share with the readers Google Analytics report for my blog because I believe that Google Analytics are most trustworthy and true reflection of the readership of my blogs.

I have also started my consultancy business and just like my blog, my business services are for the sustainable progress of the industry and economy. Starting a new business is always a challenge but it is indeed a‚ great experience for an entreprenuer. Today, I signed my first contract with a Department of Defense ‚ company catering to small business research who were impressed with my technical writing skills. I also have excellent analytical skills to offer failure analysis consultancy with my diverse background in analog, digital and mixed signal IC failure analysis working in organizations like advanced CMOS technology development team at Texas Instruments Inc. and several service labs catering to the services in this field.

With my business partners in Financial Industry, I am also a source for seeking any kind of help with financial planning pertaining to personal and small business employee retirement programs. With my knowledge in economics, My business partners do take into consideration my recommendations in offering their financial products which are best in the interest of my clients. In my business, Client comes first and then its me. My clients’ success decides my success.

The authorship of my book is also complete. I decided to change the book title to “Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival“. The book would be above 200 pages having quality content for solving several strategic, economic, financial, business and socio-economic problems facing US semiconductor industry. It would truly revolutionize the thinking of industry professionals and envision a brilliant future for the‚ semiconductor‚ industry leading to a sustainable progress of Gordon Moore’s law in overcoming all the economic barriers to its success.

I hope most industry professionals would buy a copy of my book which is very reasonably priced at ONLY $20 ( + tax + shipping + handling) for the wealth of information that it offers to the industry professionals. The concepts of Macroeconomics have been explained in simple lucid language to help understand Macroeconomics of Microelectronics business for any reader whether or not he or she is an engineer. I believe that there are very turbulent macroeconomic times ahead starting in 2015 and only with your help and support can these reforms become a reality to see a brilliant future of this great industry and other industries too which are also struggling in this economy.

To view the book cover of my upcoming book, click ‚ [ final‚ ] . I am still working on the Plugins so that people around the world can pre-order to own an autographed copy of my book in hardbound format. There would be limited hardbound copies that would go in print and hence you should consider pre-ordering in order to own this book. I will also be publishing a review about my book from experts in economics and semiconductor industry.

If you need any kind of semiconductor business consultancy based on my expertise, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Apekshit Mulay (Apek)
CEO, Sr. Analyst, Macroeconomist & Author
Mulay’s Consultancy Services
17602 17th St. Suite 102, PMB#242
Voice: 001-214-764-0868


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