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Dear All,

I am glad to be a part of a new ecommerce business and further expand my entrepreneurial pursuits . This business has two important objectives :-

1. I have authored two books, one about reforms in global economy and another about Internet of Things. In my books, I offer a new business model which benefits the producers as well as consumers. I propose employee owned businesses with a neo-cooperative management. When I planned to invest in this business, I wanted to be sure that I walk-the-talk. Since, Our products cannot be made using machines, we take pride in mentioning that our products are 100% “Made In India”, we are helping creating more jobs in Indian economy. We have no plans to offshore our manufacturing as the benefits from the sales of our products have direct impact in diminishing rural unemployment and rural poverty from India.

2. In my second book about Internet of Things, I believe that although there is a potential of ecommerce business for a small business in marketing its products nationally and Internationally, the behemoths in this business are today having a bigger bargaining power which may not directly benefit the manufacturer. Hence, we have no plans to ever let any behemoth take over our business anytime in future. Neither are our products available on any other ecommerce platform. The sustainability of the Internet of Things depends on the ability of businesses to comply with macroeconomic parameters of a country’s economy. Being an employee-owned business, our decisions are not controlled by outside shareholders and if ever, we go for any public offering in future, we shall certainly retain a minimum of 51% of the company stock ownership with our employees that would in turn ensure that we do comply with my proposed model of growth based on the theory of Mass Capitalism.

The products are designed, processed, manufactured, packaged in India. It is 100% MADE IN INDIA. Our skilled craftsmen from poorest parts of India, spend long hours in making perfect repeatable handicraft designs.  Do read about our skilled craftsmen http://calcuttahandicraft.in/about-us.html

Here are a few details about what we have to offer-

About our designs: Handcrafted designs are visually pleasing. An exceptional handicraft has repeatable and uniform patterns. The expectation from a good product is its visual appeal, comfort in use and long durability. The handicraft artist sets out with an imagination and then puts long arduous hours in making the imagination into reality. Hand crafted goods are impossible to mass produce making them unique. The cost of the product should at least cover the cost of production making the product a bit more expensive than the mass produced machined products. Rigorous quality assurance ensures a product with minimal flaws thus extremely high quality. We provide a guarantee on all our products. We also offer a guarantee on the fabric material and the color of handcrafted designs as long as the user follows our washing instructions.

Procedure in manufacturing our Products: Our products have been crafted with best quality 100% cotton fabric from a reputed Indian textile company like Bombay Dyeing. Initially, the newly purchased cloth is washed clean using our special technique so that it new designs can be produced on clean cloth and this cloth does not shrink any further after handcrafted designed are made. We ensure that there are no minor differences in color and placement of the designs and the differences, if any, are a part of the intrinsic hand-made nature of our product. You will not find such unique quality and designs without handicraft which makes our product design very special.  We have developed a proprietary technique to ensure a perfect repeatability of designs. Our procedure makes use of environmental friendly chemicals, if any, to make initial landmark. We believe in sustainable economic progress of our cottage industry while leaving a minimal environmental footprint. After initial boundary for design is prepared, our skilled craftsmen make use of well-known and premium quality cotton threads from India with appropriate color in order to complete the necessary design. Other fine details such as Nets, Skyleps, Plates, etc., the cotton threads of garment are manually removed by the craftsmen. Later, By means of fine cuts and skilled threading, our craftsmen complete the final details.

Regarding our Tashore Silk Sarees: The raw material for the silk Sarees comes from a famous silk from south of India. Although the raw material comes from south, the final silk thread is woven in Calcutta. The fine intricate handcrafted designs are produced on these famous silk Sarees using above procedure. The procedure of making handicraft on Silk Sarees is called “Kantha-work”. These silk Sarees are very popular wear for weddings in West Bengal and a great wear for all parties and functions.

Supporting Rural Economic Development with Purchase of Product: ‘Calcutta Handicraft’ is a project to provide a platform to skilled handicraftsmen in one of poorest parts of rural India to market their skills across India and around the world. As these products cannot be made using machines due to their intricate designs and elegance, this cottage industry would play an important role in eliminating poverty and unemployment for rural villagers who depend of the sale of these products to sustain their households. Our goal is to market these products so that they sell very well not just in Bengal but all over India. We have a dedicated India business development manager and also have an International Business Development manager based in U.S. In a day, around 200 – 300 housewives spare up to 4 hours everyday while managing their household duties. Generally, Women and girls aged from 15 years up to 60 years support their households by producing this art work. These handicrafts greatly benefit the rural localities and gradually improves the standard of living of rural citizens by means of extra household income, helps put their kids through schools and colleges, provides better housing and sanitation in rural India.  Your support is greatly appreciated in helping poverty and unemployment to slowly diminish.

We also provide Wash care Instructions to keep the products in best possible shape and also provide maximum number of washes that would still retain the products in its original condition even after wash. In general we recommend to hand-wash or cold-machine wash (without tumble-drying) the products. If you are hand or machine washing the products, we recommend using soft-detergents without whiteners, bleaching agents or enzymes as these could cause colors to fade or become patchy. We guarantee that our products will be long lasting and look elegant in your kitchens, bedrooms as well as on any female family members Although ironing directly on the designs will not do any damage to the design, our recommendation is to not use hot iron directly on handicraft design; you may iron on reverse or use a cotton cloth as shield over print. Ironed handcrafted goods add to the beauty of the product and hence ironing is recommended before use. Please follow our instructions regarding maximum number of washes to use it at its best quality. Calcutta Handicraft products hand-made and are a result of long arduous work of our craftsmen, hence must be treated with love! Our fabrics are 100% natural. As with all natural fabrics, they may fade with time.

New ecommerce business. Limited Time “LAUNCH OFFER” for New Year 2016. FREE Shipping all across India.

Do visit our website and take advantage of our launch offer Sign-up for our newsletter where we will be including gift coupons up to Rs. 5oo to be used on our products. The FREE SHIPPING of products all across INDIA is only a limited time offer as part of New year 2016. It would be a best gift for your family members. Once we have a registered business address in Americas, Europe and China; we will offer shipping to other parts of world too.

If you have read my volumes Mass Capitalism : A Blueprint for Economic Revival  and Sustaining Moore’s Law: Uncertainty Leading to a Certainty of IoT Revolution, this new venture is an attempt to envision these ideas. If you believe in supporting growth of a small business for growth of an economy, do like us on  Facebook.com/CalcuttaHandicraft.In

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This is something I am doing to try to walk-the-talk and envision ideas in my two volumes. It is not my full-time job but I do have a India Business Development Manager and I will be trying to get these products in Americas, Europe and China.

Do visit us at http://calcuttahandicraft.in/



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