Had a great productive 2015. Wish you a Happy New Year 2016!!!

2015 has been one of really memorable years for my career. I gave me an opportunity to explore my options to become an entrepreneur and author. 2015 would be one important landmark year offering me fame, fun as well as some good time to relax. The year started of with an opportunity to interview on “Mi Marathi” news channel where I got dedicated minutes to give me opinion on the budget 2015 of Government of India and about Mass Capitalism. It also provided me a platform for me to make some macroeconomic forecasts about global economy. As my forecasts started to come true, I also sought many other interviews. In this year, I have also authored my second volume ‘Sustaining Moore’s Law: Uncertainty Leading to a Certainty of IoT Revolution. It is the first book on the market that provides a blueprint for establishing an ecosystem for ushering the 4th industrial revolution based on The Internet of Things.

While majority of Brick Mortar stores are becoming a history due to fierce competition from ecommerce giants like Amazon.com, I am forecasting that without proper macroeconomic planning and without establishment of a proposed three tier business model as elaborated in my second volume, small businesses with Brick Mortar stores would face a continual decline in their profits. Hence, the present ecommerce model is about to destroy the local economy of any country and this is very similar to how globalization of industry is making manufacturing an extinct species in countries like the United States as elaborated in a chapter of my first volume Mass Capitalism : A Blueprint for Economic Revival.

I also made some really good professional connections in 2015, where I have been able to meet several dignitaries in India in an attempt to promote my first volume for ‘Make In India’ initiative of the government of India. I have listed names of all dignitaries in India and other countries who have appreciated my first volume at Radio, Television, Correspondence, Books, Print Media and Web Media Coverage. Although, My first volume was about world most dominant US economy, I really wanted my country of birth (India) to also benefit from these ideas and I wished that present Indian government should not adopt the same failed policies which led to macroeconomic crises in Ireland in 2008 and China in 2015.

2015 also became an important year for me to gain recognition as a macroeconomist when my forecasts started to come true and I am confident that my next forecast of an economic collapse of crony capitalism in 2016 will certainly come true. In June 2015 when China’s stock market crashed, within 3 months which is by end of August 2015, global economy experienced a ‘Black Monday’ like what I had forecasted back in March 2015. Hence, Given the second crash of China’s markets by end of November 2015, within 3 months which is by end of February 2016, I am forecasting that the global economy will start to collapse with a crash of US stock markets. China’s recent policies to carry out ‘Supply-Side Reforms’ are not going to help save its economy too because such reforms create economic bubbles which eventually brings tremendous pain to the economy.

Interestingly, While I have been extremely occupied authoring articles, blogs, making cover stories for magazines with my ideas about revival of knowledge based economy through a sustainable progress of Moore’s Law, I have also made use of my spare time to hone my business and consulting skills. During this process, I also mastered Mandarin language ( which is one of very difficult foreign languages to learn) and also gave International Language Certification exams in Mandarin language from Hanban University, Shanghai. Now, I can read, write and also speak in Mandarin and I plan to master this language for business communication. My Mandarin Language Level 3 (HSK 3) exam results will be out in first week of January 2016 and I am confident to pass it with flying colors.

Just to practice what I preach, I also ventured into an e-commerce business. It took some time for me to plan out my ecommerce business as my goal from this ecommerce business is to eventually demonstrate that small businesses can grow into a bigger business with ideas presented in my first volume Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival. I also plan to eventually expand my customer base from India to the United States and China, as well. This new venture is also my contribution to Digital India initiative of India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, where I am helping the skilled handicraftsmen in one of the poorest regions of India to market their skills nationally and internationally. The best part of my new venture is that I want to demonstrate the advantages of e-commerce platform for small businesses in India.

I believe that I have made some really good accomplishments in 2015 and hence 2015 has been one very interesting years in my career. I expanded my horizons further, made new connections, became a prolific writer, a Mandarin language expert, Entrepreneur and competent macroeconomist. So much that 2015 has given me, I would certainly be thankful for the great year hat I had and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2016 ahead. Let me wish that prosperity reaches all and lets Free Market Capitalism start working for all which is essentially what I mean by Mass Capitalism. Let 2016 be the year when global economy starts to implement these ideas and helps pull the global economy out from its ongoing economic depression, after a total economic collapse in 2016. Together we can make it and I hope 2016 makes it possible for this to happen in global economy.

I enjoyed Diwali Celebrations in Mumbai, India this November after 12 long years. Recently, I met my childhood friends after more than 15 years and we played a cricket tri-series on the same playground where we played in our childhood days. This reunion was followed by a wonderful dinner with childhood friends making 2015 all the more special year for me. As 2015 comes to an end, I am with my family and planning a fantastic birthday celebration for my elder brother’s birthday on 31st December followed by New year celebrations.

I am all very excited!!! Hope you too have a great one.


About the author

Apek Mulay is business and technology consultant at Mulay’s Consultancy Services. He is author of two books “Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival” and “Sustaining Moore’s Law: Uncertainty Leading to a Certainty of IoT Revolution“. www.apekmulay.com

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