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In year 2008, I was introduced to the law of Social Cycle. As universal is the law so is the ability to make macroeconomic forecasts based on this law. This law was put forth by the great Indian social thinker Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. The law has been further elaborated by Professor Ravi Batra since 1970s as well as Professor Sohail Inayatullah and Johan Galtung since 1990s.

According to this theory, people in any society are all relatively similar; they have generally the same goals, desires and ambitions – but differ in the way they go about achieving their goals. Based on their approach to achieve those goals, people could be classified into four different psychological categories viz. warriors, intellectuals, acquisitors and labourers. More details about this can be read in my previously published blog “What Lies in Egypt post- Arab Spring“.

Figure 1: Law of Social Cycle explained in pictorial form. As shown in figure above, control of society keeps moving from intellectuals to acquisitors to laborers to warriors in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction depending on the domination of intellectuals, acquisitors, warriors, or laborers.

The Law of Social Cycle has its source in the concepts of Macrohistory presented in Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar’s philosophical treatise, titled Ananda Sutram, along with original concepts of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. According to Sarkar’s writings on macrohistory, in this movement of the social cycle, one class is always dominant. The movement of the social cycle in a clockwise direction in Fig 1 (shown by blue arrows) constitutes an “evolution” if it occurs after a sufficiently long duration. If this clockwise movement occurs within a short duration, this is called “revolution.” The movement of the social cycle counter-clockwise in Fig 1 (shown by orange arrows) constitutes a “counter evolution” if it occurs after a significantly long duration. This counter-evolution is extremely short-lived. However, if this anti-clockwise movement occurs within a short duration, it is called “counter revolution.” Counter-revolution is even more short-lived than counter-evolution.

Who is a Sadvipra ?

Besides the four categories mentioned above, Shrii Sarkar mentions a fifth category of Sadvipras. As per him this category of people have the traits of all four classes viz. Intellectuals, Warriors, Acquisitors and Laborers. In fact, Sarkar calls this class to be “Classless”. The position of this class is at the centre of the law of Social cycle. There is an important thing that has been mentioned about this fifth class in Sarkar’s book “Human Society – Part II” –

Sadvipras will have no rest, ever. A time will never come in the life of a sadvipra when he or she will relax in an arm chair and say, “Ah, I have nothing to do today. Let me rest awhile.” In this first phase of human history, the sadvipra society has not yet formed itself. In the absence of a sadvipra society the social cycle is moving on its natural round. In every age, the government of the predominant class becomes exploitative, and thereafter comes evolution or revolution. For lack of sadvipras’ assistance, the foundation of human society is lacking firmness. Today I extend my earnest request to all reasonable, virtuous and moral fighters that they form a good, well-disciplined sadvipra society without further delay. These sadvipras will work for the good of all countries, for the all-around emancipation of all humanity. The downtrodden humanity of this disgraced world is looking up to the eastern horizon, awaiting the sadvipras’ advent with earnest zeal and eagerness. Let the cimmerian darkness of the interlunar night disappear. Let the human being of the new day of the new sunrise wake up in the world.”

How to become a Sadvipra ?

How much Shrii Sarkar’s works have been accurate in making macroeconomic forecasts, there is something for entire humanity to benefit from his work. As Sarkar mentions that this Social Cycle will keep on moving in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction and there cannot be an end to human exploitation until humanity forms the Sadvipra Samaj. He mentions that everybody is a born Shudra ( or a Laborer ) and based on their capability human beings achieve the traits of either of the classes viz. Intellectuals, Warriors or Acquisitors. The reason a Sadvipra is important is because he or she is not only a laborer by birth but also is able to achieve the qualities of rest three classes i.e. he is also an intellectual, a warrior and has a good business acumen. Hence, If such a person also has a Universal approach to spirituality, a Sadvipra can think about what is best for all four classes of society.

As much I believe in formation of an exploitation free human society, I also believe that it cannot be possible until there is an emergence of Sadvipras in this world. Let me explain where I am falling short in being a Sadvipra. I had always been a sports champion in my school days and my school friends can attest to my athletic abilities. Hence, I did have the traits of a Warrior class since my childhood and I try to maintain my physical fitness despite all odds. I also excelled in my studies and have today authored two unique books on High-Tech industry offering solutions about productive utilization of Technology. The uniqueness of my book being that there has been nobody who has been able to correlate technological progress with a sustainable macroeconomic progress. My books are critical for macroeconomy because semiconductor industry is actually the mainspring of the theory of Mass Capitalism which embodies the precepts of Progressive Utilization Theory (or PROUT) which was put forth by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. This way I have demonstrated my Intellectual abilities. I am working on my business skills. Being an entrepreneur for over an year, I have realized that it is very difficult of become one. I also realized the importance of the ambition that is present in the business class for driving economic growth. These entrepreneurial skills need to be productively utilized for benefit of mankind as finally no progress happens without any clashes or cohesion. I would also consider pursuing an executive MBA in future to hone my entrepreneurial skills further and acquire the needed traits to become a successful businessman.

When would Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar’s Sadvipra Samaj become a reality is something nobody knows but unless every human being makes an honest attempt to acquire skills of all four classes viz. Intellectual, Warrior, Acquisitor and Laborer and tries to achieve a universal outlook in life, the formation of Sadvipra Samaj will remain just a dream. In that case, the Social Cycle will keep moving on and there will be no end to exploitation on this planet earth. Communism was irrational, illogical, unscientific and un-psychological. That is precisely what caused the demise of communism in 1990. Although Free market Capitalism has been a good economic system, US economy has been transformed from a free market capitalism to crony capitalism due to control of a very few over the economy. Hence, Capitalism in US now meeting its demise. Due to globalization, Capitalism around the world is about to meet its demise. Hence, It is a golden opportunity for human beings to pursue economic reforms towards Mass Capitalism that way the capitalism can work for majority ( instead of a few minority) and control of the economy can be restored into hands of majority and incentive for hard work can still be retained. Without these reforms, revival of global economy from its ongoing depression is absolutely impossible. However, It becomes essential to understand this new economic theory of Mass Capitalism. I would request the reader to consider reading my first book “Mass Capitalism : A Blueprint for Economic Revival“.

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