Interview with Dr. Ravi Batra by Apek Mulay “Career Politicians and Fury in America”

It was my pleasure to interview superstar economist and a legendary author of 6 International best sellers, Professor Ravi Batra from Southern Methodist University, Dallas on 18th March 2016. The Interview was hosted LIVE in DP TV studio in Dallas, TX.

I am thankful to the viewers as well as Twitter followers for their questions.  I hope this interview is able to bring clarity to Americans about economic policies needed for revival of American economy and to restore prosperity.

It also addresses the reasons behind the upcoming historic presidential elections in America. Professor Batra’s forecast continue to come true and I hope you find this (1 hr. and 3 mins.) Interview enlightening.

Both me and Professor Batra also believe that this is most critical vote for America and it is also an opportunity for Americans to exercise their democratic rights to bring back FREE MARKET CAPITALISM by getting rid of MONOPOLY CAPITALISM.

The presented solutions address problems in several industries from pharmaceuticals to Oil, from healthcare to Semiconductors, etc. Please do let us know your feedback by putting your comments after listening to what Dr. Ravi Batra has to say about ‘Career Politicians & Fury in America’


About the Author

Apek Mulay is a Sr. Analyst and a Macroeconomist in US Semiconductor Industry. He is author of two books “Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival” and “Sustaining Moore’s Law: Uncertainty Leading to a Certainty of IoT Revolution“. Mulay is presently authoring his third volume “More than More and Beyond Moore: Roadmap for progress of the Semiconductor Industry” with Morgan & Claypool Publishers.

He pursued undergraduate studies in Electronics Engineering (EE) at the University of Mumbai in India and has completed master’s degree in EE at Texas Tech University, Lubbock. He authored a patent “Surface Imaging with Materials Identified by Colors” during his employment in Advanced CMOS technology development team at Texas Instruments Inc. ‚ He has chaired technical sessions at International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (ISTFA) for consecutive years. He has also authored several articles showing this wide expertise in macroeconomics, geo-politics, supply chains, business models, socio-economics and microeconomics and how these relate to capital intensive semiconductor industry.

USCIS approved his US permanent residency under the category of foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities in science and technologies even though he did not pursue a PhD degree in engineering or economics. He contributes to recognized publications such as EBN, Semiwiki,, publications, EDFA magazine, PROUT Globe and Military & Aerospace electronics Magazine (MA&E), SEMI, LinkedIn, etc. He has appeared on National Radio shows, Made Cover Story for Industry Magazines as well been on Television shows about his ideas on Mass Capitalism. Read more



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