Jayraj Salgaonkar’s review for Apek Mulay ‘s Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival

The founder of Kalnirnay and a well known economist and an author based in Mumbai, India recently provided a review for my first volume ‘MASS CAPITALISM: A BLUEPRINT FOR ECONOMIC REVIVAL‘. Mr. Salgaonkar has made use of inputs from Mr. Koustubh Joshi in his review.

Recent developments in global economic world essentially post subprime crisis require attention towards revised approach and viewpoint of capitalism and market structure. Apek Mulay’s recently published book Mass Capitalism: A Blueprint for Economic Revival  can be good reading exercise to understand the changing scenario in the United States with respect to productivity, job creation and sustainable business outlook for future.

Apek has experienced the ups and downs in semiconductor industry and it clearly can be noticed by examples and cases considered in book. His argument is to have a holistic approach of policy planning by government, planning authorities that supports the government efforts, central banker and market regulator ( facilitator to be better ) so that mid and longer term objectives can be achieved.

He has used electronics and semiconductor industry to explain the importance of innovation and its impact on core economic progress. This gives theoretical understanding of the issue of changing economic pattern. In India we don’t have a strong culture of technical knowhow and curios behavior amongst masses if one considers the engineering or gismos for that matter! It should be noted that iphone has around 7000 semiconductor or similar parts. It is the innovation that can change the fortune of economy, and idea of capitalism should be connected to innovation so that it can prove useful for masses.

India’s story is little different as compared to the USA. We have more contribution of service sector in GDP (gross domestic product or national income) so as to make India more proactive in innovation with respect to tertiary sector we have to push reforms in both financial markets and manufacturing segment also.

UK’s exit from EU is somewhat an opportunity for India. Indian companies will have more marketability and scope of expanding business in long run. I don’t hesitate to accept some negatives too but, in the long run gain is sure.

According to Apek, Free Market Mass Capitalism can generate better results for the US economy.

Title of this book is something I found really interesting! Why so? It is not so easy to consider Capitalism and Mass in one plane. Mass cannot be tagged easily with capitalists, so little dichotomy in the title. Though I recommend this book for readers as it envisages a different outlook for an elementary reader in economics.

About the Author

Jayraj Salgaonkar is Co-Founder, Publisher & Managing Director of Kalnirnay, India’s Largest selling multilingual publication. Combined global sales of Kalnirnay are well over 12 million (The Marathi & Hindi editions sales certified by Audit Bureau of Circulation). He is Editor of “Kalnirnay Sanskrutik, an up market Diwali (Festive) publication in Marathi. He Launched the first ever Indian web-site Kalnirnay.com (NIC No 42) in 1996.He filed a patent for OREN-horn usage meter to prevent sound pollution in cities. Patented anti copying special ink to prevent print piracy.

Publications :
1. Published first book ‘SamaVyasta’ in 1976 by innovative offset technique that was entirely new then, but is now used rampantly for budget publications. Writing regular articles in Loksatta, Maharashtra Times and a colomn ‘Blowing in the wind’ in daily news paper DivyaMarathi. Written articles about agriculture, co-operative agro-marketing. Visiting lecturer on Newspaper printing technology and Internet in various colleges.
2. Published second book ‘Kashasathi Kuthvar’ of column articles written for Lokmat, the largest selling Marathi daily.
3. Published a book “Jag Pravaha” (MaujPrakashan) on global trends & economics
4. Recent books :Resently published Ajinkya Yoddha Bajirao [History] (Parammitra Publishing), Paisa Aani Madhyamvarga [Economics] (Majestic Publishing). This book won the C.D.Deshmukh Award of Maharashtra State Govt. for the best book on economics(2012-13).
5. A member of Advisory Committee of “Pradnya Pathshala”, Wai, a Government of Maharashtra Organisation working on education.
6. Neo-Gutenberg (A New project, is a tribute to great Gutenberg through contemporary lens). The book aims to provide history of mechanized communication and the forthcoming New Renaissance in offing, due to Information Technology (neogutenberg.com)

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