Macroeconomic changes coming to US economy in 2016

It is very interesting to study the impacts of Macroeconomics on the operation of businesses. After the stock market crash of 2008, I met the world famous economist, Professor Ravi Batra in Dallas,TX. In our very first meeting, I was surprised to know that Professor Batra has made lot of economic forecasts for past 40 years out of which only 5% have proven to be wrong. I believe Professor Batra has the best track record of economic forecasts as compared to any economists in modern times.

In year 1978, to the laughter of many and derision of a few, Professor Batra authored the book “The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism”. Soviet Communism had collapsed in 1989 for which the Italian Senate offered Professor Batra a gold medal for correctly predicting the collapse of communism. The stock market crash of 2008 was one of the biggest shocks to US economy and while many believe that US has recovered from this recession, the present unemployment in US is truly discouraging to millions of Americans.

In year 2009, When I first approached Professor Batra in his office at Southern Methodist University, he was a bit intrigued that some young engineer was very eager to understand what has gone wrong with global economy since 2007. Just to test my interest in economics, Professor Batra assigned to me a task of reading his books on economics. Over past five years, I have read several books authored by Professor Batra which include – The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism: Can Capitalism be Saved?,The Myth of Free Trade: A Plan for America’s Economic Revival.,The Great American Deception: What Politicians Won’t Tell You about Our Economy and Your Future, Greenspan’s Fraud: How Two Decades of His Policies Have Undermined the Global Economy, Common Sense Macroeconomics, The New Golden Age: The Coming Revolution against Political Corruption and Economic Chaos.

I was so much impressed with his knowledge and analysis that I never missed any opportunity to meet him and speak to him. Sometimes I wished that I had chosen the profession of economics instead of engineering. I believe through his profession, Professor Batra has been in a much better position to bring about a change in this world. But, He always reminded me that every profession which can be productively used in bettering lives of people is a great profession. We had just started becoming good friends and one fine day he calls me on my cell-phone and says that he wants to meet me. After our meeting, we became very good friends. I also accepted him as my teacher, my friend and my mentor.

One thing that I learnt from him is that under all circumstances, “Truth always prevails” and honesty, integrity, ethics are the true jewels of ones character and not money. After I authored my very first article on “A Failure Analysis of US Economy” using my background as a failure analysis engineer in US Semiconductor industry, he was so much impressed with my work that he realized my potential. He used my article in his work published in Review of International Economics Journal. That first article gave me confidence like never before and after that I have published several articles on US economy and Semiconductor Industry in reputed peer reviewed international publications. I have the rare combination of being able to use my knowledge in macroeconomics and being able to apply it to the semiconductor industry. This passion has also given me permanent residency for US under category of foreign nationals with extra-ordinary abilities in science and technologies. My passion for the two professions of macroeconomics and microelectronics has enabled me to come up with a book on macroeconomics of US microelectronics industry to overcome the economic limits faced by semiconductor industry to sustain Gordon Moore’s law.

Taking into consideration that the solutions that I have offered for US semiconductor industry can be also be expanded to other industries which are also struggling in this great recession, I decided to change the title of my upcoming book to MASS CAPITALISM : The Macroeconomics of US Microelectronics Industry for sustaining Moore’s Law.

On 1st May 2014, I will be completing one year anniversary of my personal blog. I have more than 6,50,000 hits on my blog today. Last weekend when I visited Professor Batra, we both decided to release my upcoming book and his new book to solve the unemployment problem in US. It is my honor to release my upcoming book with somebody who I consider to be my “HERO”. It is very true that œThe world is full of successful people but heroes are rare”.

This week I also registered my own semiconductor consultancy firm in orange county “MULAY’s Consultancy Services“. I believe that great macroeconomic changes are coming in 2016 and semiconductor industry has to be ready for such changes. As Daniel Nenni has warned in his book that companies that can™t adapt to changes in semiconductor manufacturing world are doomed. Today, I warn that companies that can’t adapt to coming macroeconomic changes are also doomed. I have authored my upcoming book in best interest of semiconductor industry taking into consideration these coming macroeconomic changes. I also plan to expand my consultancy business to include experts from different industries who can help their respective industries with the coming macroeconomic changes.

After my book cover design is ready, I shall take pre-orders of my upcoming book on my personal blog It would be good for the reader to own a hard back cover of my book that would truly cherish all the ideals and goals of most macroeconomic theories. I hope you readers would read my upcoming book to know about the coming macroeconomic changes and be prepared for the same. I truly believe that reforming the economy is a partnership and we together can bring about free market reforms in US and global economy.

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