The Macroeconomics of US Microelectronics Industry

The following topics would be covered in my upcoming book-

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Chapter 1: The Strategic importance of US Semiconductor Industry for US Economy
Chapter 2:‚ Semiconductor Technology, Manufacturing and Applications
Chapter 3: Macroeconomic causes of failure of the US Economy
3.1 A Failure Analysis of the US Economy
3.2 The Myth of Free Trade
Chapter 4: Mitigation of Counterfeit Electronics through US Macroeconomic Policies
Chapter 5: US Economic Boom to Economic Bust
5.1‚ Loss of US Dominance in Global Electronics and Semiconductor Industry:‚ Causes and Revival Solutions and the Associated US Economic Growth
5.2 Globalization of Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry
Chapter 6: Macroeconomics of US manufacturing Supply Chain
6.1 ‚ Centralized Supply Chain and unsustainable Business Model of MNCs
6.2 ‚ Decentralized Supply Chain and efficient Business Model
Chapter 7: Revival of the US semiconductor Industry
7.1‚ Macro-economic reforms engendering the growth of Microelectronics Industry
7.2‚ A Three Tier business Model for US Semiconductor Industry
Chapter 8: The Future of US Semiconductor Industry
Chapter 9:‚ Moore¢‚¬„¢ Law for Integrated Circuits: Maintaining its Innovation and Business Impacts for the Semiconductor‚ Industry
Chapter 10: Socio- Economic Reforms for a brilliant future of US Semiconductor Industry
10.1‚ Corporatocracy to Cooperatocracy
10.2‚ Reforms in US democracy
Chapter 11: On National‚ Financial Matters
11.1‚ Should USD be restored back to Gold Standard?
11.2 Revamp of US Financial Industry
11.3‚ How to combat the rise of China as an industrial economic power, while the USD is being restored back to Gold Standard?

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