Most memorable birthday of my Life so far….

Although I often cherish the memories of my childhood when I look at the photo of my first birthday where I was crying as I cut the cake, I would say that there are some unique incidences which occur in one’s life that makes anybody’s birthday special. In this blog, I would like to share with you one such memorable birthday with a divine experience.

It has been a while now but I still remember that evening of Friday, 2nd August 2013 when I was driving to Las Vegas, Nevada for my 33rd birthday. It was a long time to return back to Vegas after May 2008 when I actually had left California for good to move to Texas. Actually, If I look back into past, I think that moving to Dallas, TX and meeting with Professor Ravi Batra was absolutely timely. I moved to Dallas in May 2008 and US stock markets experienced a biggest crash in October 2008 which was considered as the meltdown of US economy and a failure of Capitalism.

I left California in 2008 and hoped that I might perhaps not return to the golden state anytime soon. I truly enjoyed my stay in California whether it was in San Diego, Santa Barbara or my frequent trip to San Francisco Bay Area of California. I also enjoyed driving on California Highway 1 and visit the Hearst Castle of San Semion Bay on my way back to Santa Barbara and San Diego from my aunt’s place in Cupertino, California. Wow…what a wonderful drive and truly one of the most scenic drives in United States.

In 2008, Before I relocated to Dallas, Texas to work at Texas Instruments Inc., I was keen to show the sin city, Las Vegas to my mother who was visiting me in United States. She thoroughly enjoyed Las Vegas and I remember what she liked most was the ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ over Las Vegas and Helicopter tour to Grand Canyon followed by a sunset tour over the glittering streets of Las Vegas, Nevada.

View the Video for Magic Carpet Ride in Vegas

I would like to bring this up, that when I interviewed with Texas Instruments Inc., I was shocked that for the very first time in my career, I interviewed with then Vice President of Texas Instruments Inc., Cindy Allen. Now, How this happened is beyond my understanding but before I interviewed with rest of the team members at Texas Instruments Inc., I was told by Cindy that whoever she interviews she hires them. I am glad to have interviewed with the Cindy Allen because she said that she remembered her early days after looking at my resume…she too studied MS Electrical Engineering at Texas Tech University and she too worked at X-Fab Texas ( which was then a foundry of Texas Instruments Inc. in Lubbock, TX ). I also realized the loyalty to alumnus in United States and hiring decision based on being an alumni of a particular graduate school which was a very interesting experience in my career. Well, My relocation to Dallas was actually planned one for me to not just work at Texas Instruments where I received a Patent Award for my first Patent “Surface Imaging with Materials Identified By Colors” which later helped in securing my United States permanent residency.

However, I believe when US stock markets crashed in 2008, I met an important person Professor Ravi Batra in Dallas, TX. I was not aware that we would become so good friends in such a short time. He is world renowned economist and author of 6 International best sellers and has made profound contributions to economic literature. Ravi Batra is a Phenomenon in the profession of Macroeconomic Analysis. Ravi had a great influence on me and he inspired me to undertake the task of understanding macroeconomics.

Where I used to not even read anything besides my academic text books when I was in school, I started reading books… a lot of them …on Macroeconomics, Geo-politics, Socio-economics as well as spirituality by Shri P R Sarkar. I did not know what had happened to me overnight, I became a voracious reader and in a matter of few years, I started comprehending Macroeconomics with no formal education in Macroeconomics. Even Ravi Batra was shocked to read my article “A Failure Analysis of US Economy” and he even cited my article in his paper published in ‘Review of International Economics’ journal. This article are gave me a recognition in semiconductor industry as it was widely appreciated by semiconductor industry professionals. This was just the beginning. I always kept in touch with Ravi even when I had to move out of Dallas back to California. Before I left for California, I filed for my US greencard under category of foreign nationals with extraordinary abilities in science and technologies. The real reason that I filed for my greencard under EB1 category was because I was tired with layoffs in semiconductor industry and restarting of greencard process.

When I got an Request For Evidence (RFE) on my greencard, I knew that it would be difficult for me to get my greencard as I did not have a PhD degree. However, Everything was planned in my life by some divine power. Dallas always proved to be a very lucky place for me. I replied to RFE and worked with my lawyer on the case. Not only Professor Batra but even my lawyer herself was shocked when I received my greencard in EB1 category. Me getting my greencard was also planned. After I got my greencard, I was now determined to do something about writing a book that would show the world that if US economy could transition to an Economic Democracy, the technological progress of the industry could be sustained.

When I drove to Las Vegas on 2nd August 2013 evening, I was talking on Bluetooth with my friend in India and my Guru’s Kiirtan was playing in my car. Suddenly, a car slowed down in front of me. I slowed down but the car behind me did not slow down and I met with an accident. The car hit my car with such an impact that my car was pushed forward and I controlled my car to avoid hitting the car in front of me. I was sure that my car was damaged pretty bad. However, due to huge traffic on the road, I could not get out of my car on highway. Taking advantage of this and also the fact that it was dark and close to midnight that the car behind took of. It was a hit-and-run incident.

3Initially, I was deeply saddened that the hit and run occurred on my birthday eve. One thing I was happy was that I was not physically hurt in this accident and I thanked my Guru’s Kiirtan that was playing all the time as this happened. I was aware that I would have to bear the charges for uninsured motorists deductible due to this hit-and-run case. At midnight, when I reached my hotel room, I called my insurance company and told them about what had happened. I also told that since there was no injury, cops did not arrive on the scene. I knew nothing more than the fact that the car that hit me from behind and sped-off from the scene was a red car.



How deep was the license plate into my gas exhaust and look at the damage to my car

The next morning on my birthday, I reached the parking lot where my car was parked. As I was looking at damage caused to my car, I saw something strange underneath my car. When I bent down, I noticed something was sticking in my car exhaust. I wondered how did this get here? I noticed that it was a license plate that was stuck in the exhaust of my car. It was pretty deep and it was shocking to understand how this occurred in the first place? If the car that hit my car yesterday night had hit with such an impact that the license plate entered so deep in the exhaust, my car should have damaged a lot. If you look at my car damage the damages that were caused were fixed by body shop in less than $200.

Well, The good thing that happened was that I was now able to file a police report about hit and run and also surrendered the license plate to the Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD). Even the LVPD officers started laughing when they saw pics of license plate stuck in gas exhaust. I was also able to track down the driver who did the hit-and-run. The financial compensation that I received from other driver’s insurance company helped me to pay for the expenses of my first published book “Mass Capitalism :A Blueprint for Economic Revival“. So, Actually the accident was an indirect boon because it paid me for some of the expenses involved in publishing my first book. It also was a divine experience where some divine power absorbed all the shocks of the deep impact to cause minimal damage to my car.

The events that unfolded that night are still very much lively in front of my eyes. I always play my Guru’s Kiirtan every time I drove my car after this incident. I am glad to be under the shelter of that divine power who has always protected me and has always with been with me, reminding me of my duties towards eliminating global poverty. Little did I know that after this incidence, I would be authoring two books that would have an important role to play in High Tech Industry in coming years. When I requested Professor Ravi Batra to write a Foreword for my second book “Sustaining Moore’s Law: Uncertainty Leading to a Certainty of IoT Revolution“, he wrote something that I would have never thought of in May 2008 before leaving California to relocate to Dallas.

Professor Batra writes in his Foreword –

“To my knowledge, Mr. Mulay is the only writer who has made a connection between Moore’s Law and macroeconomic policy. The Law has played a significant role in the vast computer revolution, but the author argues that without proper economic policies the future validity of this law is at best uncertain. Mr. Mulay’s contribution to the economic and technological literature is both monumental and practical. It is an innovative approach that deserves further study and research. It will appeal to those looking for new ideas.

Let me close this blog with my Guru’s Kiirtan

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