Myth about the World Population and survival of species

Today, I read so many articles where scientists, economists are trying to scare human beings about growing population on planet Earth. A recent survey also showed that there is a drop in the birth rate since 2008 financial crisis as couples are worried about expenses in raising children. This is bound to occur with Crony Capitalism where few people are allowed to prosper and rest loose their purchasing power.

Cronies who are bought and work for these crony capitalists also propagate birth control theories because they fear that increasing world population is detrimental to their individual profits. However, Let me assure that in a truly free market economic structure which boosts consumer purchasing power of all people through their hard work, there will be no need to support any birth control. Rather, an increasing population will help in the production of the essential commodities enriching the economy.

Good varieties of seed, fertile land, adequate nourishment, light, air and water are all essential for good reproduction for all creatures. In this respect human beings are no different from other creatures on this planet. Amongst human beings, a good combination of genes produces human beings of higher intelligence and brilliance. If such people of sublime intelligence and brilliance reproduce more offspring, it would certainly be very beneficial for entire humanity.

As a student of Science, I believe that modern science has reached a stage to usher this new era for solving several problems of the world. If science and technology could solve the problems of food by creating simple food tablets, I do not think world would have to every worry about increase in population even if there is an increase in demand for physical food due to growth of population.

Research studies have discovered abundant food resources within the ocean and on the sea bed. Scientific means could be adopted to harness these resources. The crisis faced by world economies in feeding there population is due to poor utilization of available resources and irrational distribution of potentialities. The irony lies in the fact that science today is increasingly being used to develop destructive weapons of war rather than being used for its constructive purposes.

The advantage of having a free market economy where capitalism works for all masses is that such a system would not need any government body to ensure maximum production of commodities and ensure a rational distribution of profits. The industries themselves would do that job without being told by any government. Since crony capitalism or communism did not adopt this approach, these economic systems failed in solving the food problem. Of the two systems, Communism is the worst as it also supported merciless killing of its own people while crony capitalism reduced purchasing power of majority in economy and is thereby forcibly controlling population growth. But, This is also detrimental to the long term survival and growth of the economy when population and people’s purchasing power starts shrinking. In that case who will buy the goods manufactured in the industries of the producers when the consumers keep shrinking?

In past certain birth control practices have been forcibly promoted like one child policy in communist China. Scientific research shows that such practices are not just detrimental to a healthy human body and mind but they also cause physical deformity, disturbances and in many cases mental derangement of individuals. Research also shows that those inflicted with such psychic ailments lose courage to face adversities in life.

Imposing a fear of population growth is nothing but a cunning conspiracy by vested interests to misguide masses and to exploit them. As an optimist, I consider this to be nothing but a heinous conspiracy, and believe that free market reforms can solve this problem when wages are allowed to automatically catch up with productivity. If people adopt birth control methods to avoid financial hardship in their families, there is nothing that could be said against them. However, using birth control methods which deform the bodies of men and women or which destroy their reproductive capacity forever in order to satisfy a few vested interests should not be supported by civilized society. The population of earth is close to 7 billion and it would grow further and hence world population is a crisis when there are no reforms in present form of capitalism which is not a free market system anymore. However, When economic reforms are implemented to usher in a era of free market Mass Capitalism, world population would become a trivial issue.

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