Which power is the Strongest – INTELLECTUAL, WARRIOR or FINANCIAL? Is there anything stronger than all three?

This Universe is a creation of somebody, whether or not there exists a creator is not a topic of debate as there is a harmony in the motion of Planets, Stars, Satellites, Galaxies, etc. in this Universe. Our scientists and astrophysicists are looking at ways to comprehend the mystery of this vast cosmos. Let us take an example of our everyday life where there are traffic lights that regulate the movement of traffic on roads. If all of a sudden, all the traffic lights on the roads stop functioning, the result would be a chaos on the roads. However, This does not happen due to presence of a traffic controller. Similarly, While an atheist believes that there exists no creator, it is just mind boggling how most objects in our Universe appear to be under the control of a some force like a gravitational force. Hence, There has to be a controller who controls these forces without whose control the harmony of universe would be lost.

The satellites move around the planets in a harmonious manner, the planets in turn move about the sun in a systematic manner. The Sun also have an axis of revolution resulting in solar years. Now, When there is a creation, there has to be a creator. Human beings manufacture things and they become creators of several goods which they manufacture. Similarly, there has to a process for creation of this Universe. This is not the topic of discussion of this blog. Here, We are trying to gauge the four categories of human beings and try to judge a strongest one.

I have mentioned in several of my published blogs about the ‘The Law of Social Cycle’ which was put forth by Indian social thinker Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. Professor Ravi Batra, a world famous economist and author of six International best sellers, has used this law to analyze last 5000 years of recorded human history in his 1978 book “The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism : A New Study of History“. In this book, he analyzed the human civilization and came to the conclusion that ‘The Law of Social Cycle’ has not failed for last 5000 years of recorded human history. It is Universal and hence this law will not fail for next 5000 years. It is by means of this law that Professor Batra made his forecasts of about the coming collapse of Communism 15 years before it actually happened, for which the Italian senate offered him a Gold medal of Honor for correctly forecasting the collapse of Communism. However, Professor Batra also warned that the rising concentration of wealth has a capability to destroy any country’s economy including the United States. Today, Global Capitalism is walking on that thin red line. In my recently, published article, ‘The State of Global Economy’, I have provided an analysis of present paralysis in global economy due to extreme wealth concentration in the economy resulting into an economic stagnation.


Now, Of the four classes of human society which one is the strongest? Let us analyze the relative strength of the three classes. Primitive human beings lived in caves and everybody used to hunt for their survival. In primitive human society there was naturally a lot of importance given to physical strength of species for survival and there used to be group leaders who used to have a better physical prowess over their fellow group members. This trend is still observed to date in many species of our animal kingdom like the “PACK of Wolves” or “PRIDE of lions”. Hence, Physical strength of WARRIOR decided their ability to lead the society. The contributions of WARRIORS to human society has been through their physical prowess.

It was the advent of technology that led to the progress of human beings. It is estimated that the technological progress of “Aryan” race was much faster than the “Mayan” race (during same period of human history) due to invention of a ‘Wheel’ by Aryans and Mayans did not have any knowledge of a Wheel which resulted in Aryans progressing faster than Mayans. This shows that Technology has been associated with human progress since ancient times. It was the brain of an INTELLECTUAL that led the human beings to be able to benefit from progress of technology. In this way, INTELLECTUALS have made contributions to human society through their INTELLECTUAL prowess.

Now, INTELLECTUALS offer their brains and WARRIORS offer their strengths and it is through a medium of money that these services benefit the society. A BUSINESSMAN uses the skills of people and offers services to society. So, Is it the FINANCIAL power which is the strongest of the three? No, Let me explain which is strongest. The Intellectual power is subtler than FINANCIAL power and FINANCIAL power in turn is even more subtler than the PHYSICAL power. When it comes to strength…the PHYSICAL power is crudest of the three and FINANCIAL power is less cruder of the three and INTELLECTUAL power is the least cruder of the three.

The subtler the power, the stronger its influence. Hence, FINANCIAL power is stronger than PHYSICAL power and INTELLECTUAL power is stronger than FINANCIAL power. Let me justify my thoughts in the context of the SUEZ CANAL CRISIS.


During the Suez Crisis, It was a show of three powers viz. WARRIOR, FINANCIAL and INTELLECTUAL. On July 26, 1956, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser announced the nationalization of the Suez Canal Company, the joint British-French enterprise which had owned and operated the Suez Canal since its construction in 1869. Although Nasser offered full economic compensation for the Company, the British and French Governments, long suspicious of Nasser’s opposition to the continuation of their political influence in the region, were outraged by the nationalization. The British and French held secret military consultations with Israel, who regarded Nasser as a threat to its security, resulting in the creation of a joint plan to invade Egypt and overthrow its President.

In keeping with these plans, Israeli forces attacked across Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on October 29, 1956, advancing to within 10 miles of the Suez Canal. Under the pretext of protecting the Canal from the two belligerents, Britain and France landed troops of their own a few days later. This is how Britain and France used their WARRIOR strength to take over the control of Suez Canal from Egypt.

Now, United States held the wartime debts of Britain and France from World War II. The Eisenhower administration, concerned about dissociating the United States from European colonialism—especially in light of its strident condemnation of the Soviet intervention in Hungary the same week—as well as the possibility that the Soviets would intervene to assist Nasser, pressured Britain and France by using their FINANCIAL power ( based on ownership of British and French world war debts ) to accept a United Nations ceasefire on November 6. This is a proof that FINANCIAL power is stronger than MILITARY power anytime and a country with strong economic and financial muscle can easily defeat an opposing force of WARRIORS purely based on its FINANCIAL strength.

If Eisenhower had thought about supporting its allies in the region – Britain and France against Egypt, the Cold war with USSR would have taken a different turn. Besides, Egypt would not have remained as US ally in region. Hence, Eisenhower administration made a good use of INTELLECT in opposing its own allies in short term for long term strategic gains and hence INTELLECTUAL power is stronger than WARRIOR power. There is a popular Bollywood dialogue by film star Shah Rukh Khan in his movie Baazigar which needs to be mentioned here, It is equivalent to the Sacrifice move in the game of Chess where a player sacrifices his piece in short term to make a larger victory in long term.

6002891362_cdfbc71258_bKabhi kabhi jeetne ke liye kuch haarna bhi padta hai … aur haar kar jeetne waale ko baazigar kehte hai.” ( Translation : To win something in life, one has to loose something. A person who can lose in short term to win in long term eventually wins the game )

While the INTELLECTUAL power has an ability to beat the FINANCIAL power (as INTELLECTUAL power is more subtler than FINANCIAL power) , it has been observed that throughout recorded human history, INTELLECTUALS have been controlled by people with FINANCIAL strength due to lack of moral courage.

I have thus proved that of the three dominant classes of human society viz. INTELLECTUAL, WARRIOR AND BUSINESS, WARRIOR is the weakest and crudest. Although INTELLECTUAL power is more subtle than FINANCIAL power and hence more stronger than FINANCIAL power, lack of moral strength has resulted in INTELLECTUALS to be controlled by FINANCIAL strength. Hence, Subtler the power, more powerful it is. It is said that the subtlest of all the powers in this world is SPIRITUAL power that people gain through prolonged penance to gain intuitional knowledge by means of meditation or subtler pursuits. Hence, SPIRITUAL power has the ability to beat not only WARRIOR and FINANCIAL power but also INTELLECTUAL power. This is because SPIRITUAL power is nothing but SUBTLEST form of INTELLECTUAL power as Cosmic power is called as “Bodhi”, which is subtlest form of good intellect or “Conscience”. Perhaps, This is one of the reasons why the forecasts of Professor Batra always seem to come true due to his faith in spirituality.


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