RBI Governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan could be wrong in his analysis

On Black Monday , 24th August 2015, I was invited by a local Television station “Mi Marathi” in India to give my opinion about Black Monday where my forecasts made […]


Crony Capitalism will die a mature death !!!

Some people, ideas and events have created havoc in human society during the last two hundred years resulting in psychic calamities that the human beings of the nineteenth and twentieth […]


Why Most Experts Fear for the Future of Technology

Tech Expert & Macroeconomist Explains Moore’s Law & What Needs to Change Technology moves so fast today that many of us, upon buying a brand new electronic device, may wonder […]


Economic Depressions are a result of Staticity

In one of my recent LinkedIn blog ‘Destruction is a pre-requisite for any New Construction’, I mentioned something about natural macroeconomic cycles – The macroeconomic cycles originate due to systaltic nature […]


The question of fundamental rights in a country’s constitution

The constitutions of most countries generally give a consideration to the fundamental rights which include the right to equality, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, cultural and educational rights, etc. Given the […]


Make In India Could Collapse Indian Economy

This has originally been published on EBN Ten months ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his signature Make In India initiative to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. […]


Global Semiconductor Industry is headed for a monumental transformation to usher in IoT Revolution

The upcoming IoT Revolution hopes to connect 50 billion devices by end of 2020. The IoT Revolution aims at transforming Retail Sales industry, Aerospace and Defense Industry, Wholesale Distribution industry, […]


Fabless-Foundry model v/s Integrated Device Manufacturers Model

I authored my first book “Mass Capitalism : A Blueprint for Economic Revival” in 2014 with a purpose of letting the global semiconductor industry ( and particularly the US Semiconductor […]


Last 100 days of Crony Capitalism….What’s Next?

This does not happen everyday that I get same message consecutively from four different renowned economists in Mumbai, India and not just some ordinary citizens. The message reads- “Express BBC […]


Intel is in trouble…but so are TSMC and Samsung

I recently read an interesting article “Intel’s cost cuts could give rivals higher ground: analysts” where the analysis claims that Intel Corp’s move to delay the launch of its next […]


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