Can an economic system make it feasible to have a happy blending of rationality and spirituality?

The physical pabulum is limited, so the mind continually runs from one thing to another. This process goes on in a never ending order. There is an only realm where the goal is infinite and that realm is perhaps the realm of Spirituality. It is said that when spiritual aspirants come into this realm, their desires, their longings are fully satisfied.

However, As human beings progress towards the realm of spirituality, they also look for satisfying their physical needs. Hence, there is a necessity of having a free market economic system, which offers a fair opportunity to procure the minimum requirements by ensuring that wages of people catch up with productivity. However, the system should also provide maximum amenities to meritorious people. These two approaches would help human beings in their physical progress alongwith their spiritual elevation.

The minimum requirements must go on increasing according to the physical and psychic standard of human beings and according to the changes in climatic conditions, environment, etc. Thus the range of minimum requirements should go on increasing according to the range of human social conditions. According to the enlargement of human existential value and jurisdiction, psychic pabulum should also increase. There should be fair chance for maximum amenities to be achievable for one and all. These amenities should be permitted to increase for the entire social order by having a true free market economy. The approach has to be practical and not un-psychological.

Suppose there is a bright lamp. Hundreds and thousands of insects will rush towards it and get burnt. Similarly, communism was like a bright lamp. Marxists built castles in the air. They propagated many tall talks but they never thought about the practical application of their socio-economic approach. They killed many innocent people and sent countless others to concentration camps in the name of so-called ideology. Stalin killed hundreds of thousands of people instead of helping them by providing them amenities. In the name of doing good for the masses he killed so many people. This is not humanism. Today people have kicked-out this rotten philosophy of communism.

If the common people and the meritorious people are treated as the same, the capable people will not be encouraged to develop their higher potentiality. This is the reason why the brain drain has been happening in India. The talented people who have left India, have perhaps left for good and would never come back unless they feel India can provide them the same amenities which have been provided in developed economies. Providing special amenities for those with special capabilities will stop future brain drain in India. However, While implementing this it needs to be ensured that the economic disparity is kept in check because huge disparities have resulted into recessions and depressions in past.

Acceleration is the spirit of life, the spirit of existence, the spirit of the existential faculty of any human being. One may not be a genius, one may simply be a member of the ordinary public, and not properly accepted or respected by all, but even then the economic planning should allow such ordinary people to procure the minimum requirements for living a healthy life and provide the incentive for them to aim towards achieving the maximum amenities, made available in an ever increasing manner according to the environmental conditions concerned, according to the demands of the day.

Only under such conditions can there be a happy blending of rationality and spirituality.

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