Crony Capitalism will die a mature death !!!

Some people, ideas and events have created havoc in human society during the last two hundred years resulting in psychic calamities that the human beings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have had to undergo. During these last two centuries, two economic systems viz. Crony capitalism and Communism have caused much suffering in human society. Communism has already died a premature death, but it appears that Crony capitalism will die a mature death. What caused the death of communism? It died due to the reaction of the accumulated pain, suffering and tortures inflicted on innocent people by the communist system which forced people to live unnatural lives. Communism had to face a black death while dancing in the ecstasy of terror and massacre.

Crony Capitalism and Communism (in form of State Capitalism) has polluted the air, water and environment in this world. By nature most human beings are peace-loving, not war-loving. It is Crony capitalism and communism that have caused two world wars and so many other sanguinary battles in the world in the recent past. Both these economic systems have created suppression, repression and oppression in the minds of the people. But while Crony capitalism has made people slaves of a few Crony Capitalists, Communism made them worse than slaves. This is because in communism human values do not exist, so the human mind becomes inert like matter. In this state people have no connection with the Self or soul.

The theory of Communism is a collection of contradictions. In countries where the communists are not in government they support democracy, but in the communist system there is no democracy, only dictatorship. Communists may say they support democracy, but after winning power they go to any lengths, including the adoption of undemocratic practices, to stay in power. They advocate the commune system but the commune system has not been successful anywhere in the world. They talk of classlessness, but practice party rule by an elite. Communism is irrational and inhuman – it is against the human psyche.

Communism represents a double standard. How? Let us take an example. As per the commune system, the ownership of the land rests with the state, but the communist leaders demand that two thirds of the produce from the crops should go to the tillers or landless laborers, and one third to the actual owners of the land. As per recorded history, this movement took a dangerous form before independence of India in two districts of Bengal – Faridpur and South 24 Paraganas – when the laborers killed many innocent land owners. After independence, the communist leaders changed their strategy and propagandized that the ownership of the land should go to the share-croppers. In Bengal the sharecroppers had the right to farm the land and could not be evicted, and were better off than the landless laborers. The communists turned their backs on the landless laborers and supported land rights for the share-croppers, knowing full well that in communism the ownership of the land rests with the state. This is how the communists practiced duplicity.

Now, People have started thinking that they no longer need to be oppressed by any rotten philosophy like Communism or Crony Capitalism. As long as the communist leaders had power, they suppressed the people but education and rational thinking encouraged people to challenge any kind of oppression. If both education and rational thinking are present, people will definitely rebel against any kind of oppression. People have already thrown out the rotten philosophy of Communism and now people around the world are also eager to reform present form of Crony Capitalism towards a free market economic system that ensures a fair share of prosperity and growth.

In contrast to Communism which advocated, “From each according to his capacity, to each according to his necessity,” the free market theory of Mass Capitalism follows a monetary policy which ensures “Each will get according to his or her capacity”. Due to this approach, a person will try to do more labor. People will put all their talent and energy into a task and production will increase. In communism, the leaders themselves tried to avoid labor. A few wealthy investors in Crony Capitalism also prefer to sit in their office and speculate on stock markets causing economic bubbles rather than work hard for economic growth. Thus, there is a sluggishness in both Crony Capitalism and Communism. In Mass Capitalism, employees are issued stake in success of the business where they are employed. In both Crony Capitalist as well as communist systems, this type of participation is absent for majority, so majority do not feel oneness with their work and have no incentive or interest in the system.

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