‘The Law of Social Cycle’ post collapse of Crony Capitalism?

As I have explored more about the ‘The Law of Social Cycle’ by reading literature by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, I have started appreciating the intellectual abilities of this Indian Social thinker. In my previous blog, I have mentioned about the importance of moral courage for Intellectuals to be able to benefit the human society with their good intellectual abilities. All the dominant classes of human society, viz. Intellectuals, Warriors, Acquisitors are always in minority. Given a randomly selected group of people in this world, we would find a few intellectuals, a few warriors and a few Acquisitors as well, but there exist a majority in our society that do not exhibit the traits of either an Intellectual, a Warrior or an Acquisitor. They are the Laborer class. The contribution of this class to our human society is invaluable.

Just to mention their invaluable role in human society, just imagine what would happen if all these Laborers go on a couple of months Vacation without notice. There will be nobody to collect the garbage from your dustbin for more than a month, the road maintenance and developments would be stalled, Five star hotels will not have a room service until checkout, etc. Do you notice how invaluable are the contributions of these laborers to human society? While the human society has recognized the contributions of Warriors, Intellectuals as well as Businessmen. Has our society ever cared to recognize the invaluable contributions of Laborers in bettering the living standard of human society? This question deserves an introspection. Don’t they deserve a better quality of life and shouldn’t they also get a fair chance to climb-up the economic ladder? Shouldn’t the economic policies be inclusive to ensure a growth in their purchasing power for them to be able to make meaningful economic contributions to our society?


The five classes of individuals in ‘human society’ envisioned by Shrii P R Sarkar post collapse of Crony Capitalism

In my previous blog, ‘ Which Power is the Strongest -Intellectual, Warrior or Financial ?‘, I made an analysis of the relative strengths of the three classes of human society. While the contribution of each class is invaluable for the overall human progress, it has been observed that for last 5000 years of recorded human history; human beings have not been able to form an exploitation free human society leading to wars, hunger and several avoidable problems. Due to domination of either of the three classes viz. Intellectuals, Warriors or Businessmen over the rest of the classes, human beings have not been successful in forming a true collaborative human society that can look after the benefit of entire humanity.

In another blog, ‘ In the quest of a Sadvipra ?‘, I have provided information about a fifth class called the Society of Sadvipras or benevolent Intellectuals. Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, who has put forth this universal law – ‘ The Law of Social Cycle‘ found it very necessary to have a society of Benevolent Intellectuals because he believed that the highest level of service that can be offered to a society is an ‘Intellectual Service‘. Through good ideas, it is possible to not only establish an exploitation free human society but it is also possible to help these benefits reach a larger section of our human society.

Take the example of ‘Moore’s Law’, which was put forth by Gordon E. Moore. This brilliant idea of Gordon Moore has led to transformation of global semiconductor industry. It has played an important role in progress of today’s knowledge based economy. Hence, By offering good ideas to benefit human society, Intellectuals can bring about a golden age which would lead to prosperity of one and all in this world. However, In his writings Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar believed that if Intellectuals are controlled by vested Interests then they would not be able to offer their ideas that would benefit the majority. An example of such an Intellectual in recent times has been Sir Alan Greenspan who bankrupted the social security trust fund of Americans I order to give tax cuts to wealthy Americans. In such a case, the exploitation on human society would never vanish. Hence, Shrii Sarkar believed in creation of a society of moralist who could look for the prosperity of all.

Occupy Wall Street Movement was just a trailer, a true revolution is coming up against Crony Capitalism

In his 2010 article ‘The Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Coming Demise of Crony Capitalism’, American economist Professor Ravi Batra mentioned that pre-conditions for success of Occupy Movement were present. However, Why was this movement not able to bring about an end of Crony Capitalism? Actually, the movement would have brought about an end of Crony Capitalism but instead the government has just delayed it by not carrying about any good economic reforms. Another reason that the Occupy Wall Street movement failed was because lack of good leadership in the movement. This was because the movement primarily involved exploited Class of Laborers. However, Since 2010 greater number of Intellectuals and Warriors have been reduced to the state of Laborers as a result of huge Unemployment in Global Economy. Hence, While things have worsened in US as well as Global economy since 2010, the number of Intellectuals and Warriors who are fed up with the rule of Acquisitors have also increased. Hence, With the coming crash of US Stock market, Crony Capitalism is sure to disappear from this planet. Last revolution to end Crony Capitalism was through protests against Wall Street. This time around the revolution would be an Intellectual revolution as there will be a vacuum created for new ideas to fill in once Crony Capitalism collapses.

Taking into consideration the upcoming coming crisis, I and Professor Batra have come up with some solutions to END the global economic crisis caused due to collapse of Crony Capitalism. Our books are entitled “End Unemployment Now: How to Eliminate Poverty, Debt and Joblessness Despite Congress” and “Mass Capitalism : A Blueprint for Economic Revival“. We have worked as a team to help global economy with our ideas about True Free Markets. While Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar‘s law of Social Cycle would keep rotating transitioning from Age of Warriors → Age of Intellectuals → Age of Acquisitors eventually leading to a social upheaval due to exploitation under crony Capitalists, In future, the role of this fifth Class of Sadvipras is essential to speedup the movement of the social cycle from one particular Age to another in order to avoid any kind of exploitation by any one class of human society. In this way, Shrii P R Sarkar has envisioned the role of Sadvipras to be able to create an exploitation free human society. That way Consumer purchasing power of society will not be affected and there will not be any recessions, depressions or revolutions. Hence, The society of Sadvipras (Benevolent Intellectuals) has the ability to bring about a Golden Age for entire humanity post the collapse of Crony Capitalism. Now, It remains a daunting task for us humans to be able to form such an ideal human society.

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